Jacob Smith Jarmann

Jacob Smith Jarmann

Jacob Smith Jarmann (May 30, 1816 - March 29, 1894) was a Norwegian firearms designer.

Jarmann was born in Gudbrandsdalen in Norway. He developed an interest in firearms at an early age, and he designed his first rifle - a breech loading rifle firing cardboard cartridges - in 1838, but this was turned down by the armed forces at the time. The logic was that a rifle capable of firing 13 shots a minute would be impossible to resupply with enough ammunition.

In the 1870's he stepped down from the daily running of his workshop to work on his newly invented bolt action rifle. This rifle, the Jarmann, was adopted by the Norwegian Army in 1884.

It was, perhaps, fitting that he died in 1894, the same year his rifle was phased out of the service and replaced with the Krag-Jørgensen.

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