Drinkware or beverageware is a general term for the class of vessels from which people drink.

Glassware is a class of objects that include drinkware made from glass as well as other items.

Stemware is a subcategory of drinkware (usually glassware) in which the volume containing the drink is connected to a base by a thin stem of glass or other material.

A glass is a drinking vessel, usually made from glass or plastic. Glasses are often clear, but sometimes are colored, or printed or etched with decorations. Compared with a cup which is defined as having a handle and hold exactly one cup of liquid, a glass stands taller without a handle and usually holds more liquid.

List of drinkware

*Beer stein, Tankard, flagon
*Chalice and goblet
*Coffee cup, Coffee mug
*Mug or cup
*sake cup ("choko")
*Teacup, Japanese tea bowl ("chawan" or "usucha")

List of glasses

There are many different types of glass; some are listed here:
*Collins glass
*Highball glass
*Pony glass
*Iced tea glass
*Juice glass
*Pilsner glass
*Pint glass
*Shot glass
*Wheat beer glass

**Champagne flute
**Cocktail glass
**Sherry glass
**Wine glass
**Tulip glass (for scotch, brandy and cognac)

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* Henry Clay Fry

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