Finch (U.S. band)

Finch (U.S. band)

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Img_capt = The band in 2008.
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Origin = Temecula, California, United States
Genre = Post-Hardcore
Alternative Rock
Years_active = 1999–2006
Label = Currently Unsigned
MCA Records
Associated_acts = The Sound of Animals Fighting, Cosmonaut, Gazillionaire, Quadruple Duo, Helen Earth Band
URL = []
Current_members = Nate Barcalow
Randy Strohmeyer
Alex Linares
Drew Marcogliese
Daniel Wonacott| Past_members = Alex Pappas
Marc Allen
Derek Doherty

Finch are an American post-hardcore band from Temecula, California. After going on hiatus in 2006, the band returned in 2007, with a reunion show on November 23 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California. They have played several shows around the US and played at the Give It a Name festival in the UK in May 2008.

As of October 2008, they have released 2 EPs ("Falling Into Place", "Finch"), and 2 full-length albums, "What It Is To Burn" and "Say Hello To Sunshine". After finishing their Summer tour, they will record their next studio album.


Early history

Finch began in the late 1990s, originally as a Deftones cover band called "Numb". The band soon added guitarist Randy "R2K" Strohmeyer to their lineup as the band signed to Drive-Thru Records. The group then officially changed their name to Finch and released their first EP "Falling into Place" in 2001 (with J.G.). The EP sold over 6,000 copies within a few months of its release.

"What It Is to Burn"

In August 2001 the band entered Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California, along with producer Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World) to record their successful debut album "What It Is to Burn". The album was released on March 12, 2002. The title track would later be released as a single, and would become the band's largest success to date. The album also was said to have begun the integration of the post-hardcore genre into the mainstream.

Finch also contributed a song to the 2003 "Underworld" soundtrack, entitled "Worms of the Earth". The track was also included on "", a compilation album released by Atticus Clothing, under the title "Worms of the Universe."

During this period the band was at the height of their career and soon began the writing process for their next album. Derek Doherty and Randy Strohmeyer were involved in the progressive rock band The Sound of Animals Fighting which was recorded during their Say Hello to Sunshine sessions.

Conflict with Disturbed

On July 31, 2004, members of the band were involved in a conflict with members of the band Disturbed at The Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, PA. The quarrel is thought to have rooted from comments made by members of Finch about Disturbed singer David Draiman and his band.

"Disturbed and Finch got into an onstage brawl at the Rolling Rock Town Fair in Latrobe, PA earlier today. The fight, which took place while Finch were preparing to take the stage, was reportedly the culmination of an ongoing feud between the two bands stemming from an interview Finch gave to MeanStreet magazine in late 2002. In that interview, Finch guitarist Randy Strohmeyer said about Disturbed singer David Draiman, "I'd shoot him in the fucking head. I'd rip his stupid little piercings out. They're just cheesy. It bums me out because their music is terrible, and what they're about, it's just shit. Hopefully all that music will die out soon, and hopefully it will make room for the good music." []

A posting at Finch's official site regarding the incident reads as follows:

"To anyone who either witnessed or heard about today's incident at the Rolling Rock Town Fair. While we were setting up, one of the members of Disturbed, [guitarist] Dan Donegan, was harassing us from the side of the stage. Before we were to play, Randy (our guitarist) walked over to Dan to explain that the comments he made a few years ago were a joke, and to give him a friendly handshake. Dan proceeded to assault Randy and Disturbed singer, David Draiman, attacked Mike Herrara (our drum tech), which caused a fight to ensue. We want everyone to know that Finch did not start this fight. However, we do not take kindly to being assaulted or having our lives threatened. We would like this little conflict to be resolved as soon as possible, but we will not give in to bullying bands threatening us or our fans."

"Say Hello to Sunshine" (2005)

During the recording of this time the band largely fell from the public eye, and the band faced some changes for the recording of their second album, "Say Hello to Sunshine". The group also went through major changes first by going through three different record labels, Drive-Thru Records and MCA Records, which was then purchased by Geffen Records before its release. Founding band member drummer Alex Pappas left the band due to musical differences; he was replaced by Marc Allen. Pappas would later form Redgun Radar. The band took their time recording the album and often scrapped songs in order to record new ones. Finch finally released "Say Hello To Sunshine" on June 7, 2005. The first single of the album was "Bitemarks and Bloodstains" and was also the first song the band wrote for the album. In an interview Nate Barcalow stated that "Bitemarks makes the transition between the old and the new sound." [ Finch interview]

After "Say Hello to Sunshine"'s release, many fans were left disappointed in the sharp musical change in the new album. However, the departure from the "What It Is To Burn" sound was also praised by many, as the band introduced a more authentic post-hardcore style to their music.

Hiatus (2006-2007)

On February 19, 2006, it was revealed that the group is "officially on an 'indefinite hiatus'. Members of the band are currently jamming with other projects." [ [ Finch On Indefinate Hiatus - News Article - ] ] The hiatus was confirmed shortly after with a post by the band on their official website. The posting reads as follows: "Through much thought and deliberation, the five of us have decided to take an indefinite break from Finch. Amongst the many reasons for our decision, our individual priorities just lie in different places. We can’t express how grateful we are to all of you for the past five years. We’ve had the opportunity to play the music we love for a living. The five of us will always feel lucky for that. Again, thank you all so much for the love and support you’ve given us. A special thanks as well, to all who have worked closely with us over the years to make things happen. A list of names would just be too long. You know who you are."

During the break, the members of Finch still remained active. Marc Allen joined a band with his brother, Adam, called "Helen Earth Band". Randy Strohmeyer started a side project called "Gazillionaire", and also managed various indie rock bands. Former drummer, Alex Pappas, played drums in "Redgun Radar" until they disbanded in 2007, then played drums for "The Guana Batz". Nate Barcalow started a side project called "Cosmonaut", Alex Linares continued his education and Derek Doherty got involved in the real estate industry.

Reformation and new EP (2008-Present)

In August 2007, Finch announced that they are interested in making a Finch DVD with live footage and music videos. They asked for fans to give them any footage that they might have. Later that year, on October 25th guitarist Randy Strohmeyer posted a blog on Finch's MySpace Site saying:

FINCH IS BACK! IT'S TRUE!! I couldn't be more excited to confirm the news. We're playing the day after Thanksgiving Nov. 23rd. Please stay tuned for more details. I love all of you. I'm so happy!! Thanks for reading, Please please come! - R2K

Guitarist Alex Linares also assured fans through personal interaction that "we will definitely be Finch for more than a night... promise!" It has been learned through comments made by the remaining original members of Finch that Marc Allen has moved on and they will "keep on truckin' without him." No comments have been made about the departure of bassist Derek Doherty.

In early 2008 Finch embarked on their reunion tour. During this tour, the band played a new song titled "Chinese Organ Thieves" [ [ Finch - Video 3: In the studio, MSTRZ preview 1 Video ] ] [ [ Finch - Video 4: In the studio, MSTRZ preview 2 Video ] ] and announced to attendees that the new track would be featured on their new album due out later that year. In further tours, such as the Give It A Name festival, and The Bamboozle with a few headline dates around Give It A Name with Armor For Sleep, Finch played new songs "Daylight" and "Grizzong" (From Hell on their following EP). The self-titled EP was released digitally on July 22nd. The band members have been quoted as saying the EP is purely a teaser, and after their tour they will return to the studio to do their next release.



* Nate Barcalow - vocals
* Randy "R2K" Strohmeyer - guitar, vocals
* Alex "Grizz" Linares - guitar, vocals
* Drew Marcogliese - drums, percussion
* Daniel Wonacott - bass guitar, vocals


* Alex Pappas - drums, percussion
* Derek Doherty - bass guitar, vocals
* Marc Allen - drums, percussion



*2002: "What It Is to Burn"
*2005: "Say Hello to Sunshine"


*2001: "Falling into Place"
*2008: "Finch


Non-album tracks and Other Songs

*"Apologetic Theory"
*"Bury Me"
*"Once Upon My Nightstand"
*"Worms Of The Earth"(Underworld Soundtrack)
*"Gak 2" (Say Hello To Sunshine UK Bonus Track)
*"Spanish Fly" (Say Hello To Sunshine Japan Bonus Track)Cover songs
*"Mad World" (Tears for Fears Cover)
*"Dumb" (Nirvana Cover)
*"Stars" (Hum Cover)
*"With or Without You" (U2 Cover)
*"Say It Ain't So" (Weezer Cover)
*"Butterfly" (Weezer Cover)
*"When the Lights Go Out" ()
*"The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" (Faith No More Cover)
*"Stuck On You" (Failure Cover)
*"Where Is My Mind?" (Pixies cover)
*"Karma Police" (Radiohead cover)
*"Bury White" (Far cover)
*"Condemnation" (Depeche Mode cover) (Acoustic)


External links

* [ Official Site]
* [ Band endorsed fansite]

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