HCI Bibliography

HCI Bibliography

The HCI Bibliography is a web-based project to provide a bibliography of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) literature. The goal of the Project is "to put an electronic bibliography for most of HCI on the screens of all researchers, developers, educators and students in the field through the World-Wide Web and anonymous ftp access."


The HCI Bibliography Project is an effort aiming at giving free of charge access to all information seekers searching for bibliographic information in the field of HCI. This is a database, accessible from anywhere in the world. The HCI bibliographic project was inspired by Gary Perlman (director of the HCI Bibliography project) in 1998. Initially, the project was struggling to find funding and sponsors, but fortunately study-work students at the The Ohio State University were available to perform the task of entering the bibliographic data into the database. Some people from the internet were willing to help with the task of verifying the data. Donation from publishers also played a role in the building of the database. While there were less funding and sponsors at the beginning of the project, publishers gave the HCI Bibliography team permission to put their materials online for free of charge. [Gary Perlman: The HCI Bibliography, Ten Years Old, But What's It Done for Me Lately?, ACM interactions magazine, 1999, v.6, n.2, p.32-35.]

Donor Publishers

In 2007, the HCI Bibliography group acknowledges several publishers for their support of the project. Project support included publishers giving copyright permission and donation of publications to entered into the HCI Bibliography database. [HCI Bibliography : Publisher/Copyright Information,(2007) Gary Perlman]

*Ablex Publishing
*Academic Press (AP)
*Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
*Butterworth-Heinemann, Ltd.
*Cambridge University Press
*Elsevier Science Publishers, (North-Holland)
*Ergonomics Society of Australia
*Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFS / HFES)
*International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
*Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
*Intellect Ltd.
*Kluwer Academic Publishers
*Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (LEA)
*MIT Press
*Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
*Taylor & Francis Ltd.
*Taylor & Graham Publishing
*John Wiley & Sons

As of February 2008, the HCI Bibliography has over 39,000 entries. [About the HCI Bibliography, (1998) Gary Perlman] These entries are made up of Journal volumes, Conference Proceeding, Books and some special files.


External links

* [http://hcibib.org HCI Bibliography project website]

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