List of alternate Dungeons & Dragons classes

List of alternate Dungeons & Dragons classes

This is a list of alternate base character classes to the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game. As base classes rather than prestige classes, they can be taken by newly created characters without need for any prerequisites.

1st edition


Two new classes were introduced during the history of OD&D: Thieves in Supplement I - Greyhawk and Bards in The Strategic Review. New subclasses were introduced in Supplement I - Greyhawk, Supplement II - Blackmoor, Supplement III - Eldritch Wizardry and the Strategic Review.


The main references for classes are the book in which they are described in. Additional web references include:

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  • Greyhawk — This article is about the role playing game setting. For other uses, see Greyhawk (disambiguation). Greyhawk Designer(s) Gary Gygax Publisher(s) TSR, Inc. Wizards of the Coast Publication date …   Wikipedia

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