Fiat 125

Fiat 125

Infobox Automobile

name = Fiat 125
manufacturer = Fiat
production = 1967-1972
predecessor = Fiat 1500
successor = Fiat 132
class = Large family car
platform =
body_style = 4-door Sedan
5-door Estate car
2-door Coupe
engine = 1608 cc dohc
transmission = 4-speed manual (1967-1973)
wheelbase = Auto mm|2505|1
length = Auto mm|4232|1
width = Auto mm|1625|1
height = Auto mm|1440|1
weight = Auto kg|1150|1
aka =
fuel_economy =
related = Fiat 1300/1500
Fiat 124
Zastava 125pz
Polski Fiat 125p
similar = Lada Riva
designer =

The Fiat 125 is a large family car introduced by Fiat in 1967. The chassis was based on that of the outgoing model, the Fiat 1300/1500 (the longer variant), the body was a further (lengthened) development of the Fiat 124 – both had the same passenger compartment and doors, whilst the engine was derived from that in the 124: a 1608 cc dohc with 90 bhp.

In 1968 the 125S ("Special") was added to the range, with 100 bhp (from a modified cylinder head, camshaft and inlet manifold) and, unusually at this time, a five speed gearbox. A variety of other improvements were made including improved trim and styling. The 125 was praised when new for its handling and dynamics.

The Special was facelifted in 1970 with improved trim and some styling details. A three-speed automatic transmission also became available as an option.


A variant ("125 T" ) was made by the Fiat importers in New Zealand, Torino Motors, for motorsport use in the annual 6 hour production car race (Benson and Hedges 500). The 125T has larger valves, two twin Weber DCOH or Dell'Orto 40DHLA carburettors (depending on availability), modified camshafts and a higher compression ratio to produce around Auto bhp|125|0, lowered and stiffer suspension. All featured Ward mag wheels and were painted bright yellow. Sources for production figures quote that between 84 and 89 were modified. Reasons for stopping production are sometimes given that Fiat headquarters found out and stopped this venture.Fact|date=February 2007 However a more likely scenario is that selling the required 200 cars in a market that only sold 1000 Fiats in total each year was a tall order.

Other versions were built by Moretti, who made the "125GS 1.6" with styling similar to the Fiat Dino Spider. Zagato made the "125Z"; Savio, a "125 Coupé" and "125 Station Wagon"; Pininfarina, a "125 Executive"; and Vignale produced the "Samantha", a two door coupé with pop-up headlights.

Foreign production

Production by Fiat in Italy ceased in 1972 when the Fiat 132 was introduced, a total of 603,877 cars having been built. The 125 remained in production in other countries, including Argentina, where production continued until 1982 and included estate and coupé versions. In Poland, a derivative of the model was produced from 1967 to 1991 (see below). In Egypt production went on until 1983, with the Fiat 125 remaining one of the most sought-after cars due to its strength and reliability.Fact|date=February 2007

Polski Fiat 125p / FSO 1300 & 1500

A licence copy was also produced in Poland by the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) from 1967 until 1991, under the brand Polski Fiat as the "Polski Fiat 125p", and later as the FSO 1500, FSO 1300, or FSO 125p.

It was a somewhat simplified variation of the Fiat car, with outdated 1300 cc or 1500 cc engines and mechanicals from the Fiat 1300/1500. Polish cars differed in details from Italian ones, most visible were four round headlights instead of square ones. This model was also available as an estate (the "Polski Fiat 125p Kombi") and a pickup, and later spawned a 5-door hatchback model, the FSO Polonez.

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