Demi (DJ)

Demi (DJ)
Also known as Demi
Genres House
Occupations Disc jockey
Record producer
Labels Deeper Substance Records

Demi is a house music DJ and producer from London, England. He is most well known for his Deeper Substance parties and currently runs the record label Deeper Substance Records.[1] He is currently working on an album and mix compilation project with Omid 16B and Desyn Masiello.[2]

Demi was originally interested in hip hop until he discovered house music in 1997. Demi's first gig came in 2000 at a beach in Bali, Indonesia where he played to a crowd of 1500 people.[3] He has since played at many clubs including Heaven in London, Crobar in New York City, and Pacha.[4] In 2005, Demi released his first single, "Gearbox", on Deeper Substance which featured Demi's "Original Mix" and a remix by 16 Bit Lolitas.[5] This was followed by the single "D-Drive" the following year, which featured a remix by Justas Xara.


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