The Gingamen

The Gingamen

The Gingamen are a group of fictional characters who are the protagonists of the Super Sentai series, "Seijuu Sentai Gingaman". They are ancestors of the original Gingaman from the Ginga Forest who use a fighting style originating three thousand years ago and are chosen at a ceremony to become the current Gingamen. Their enemies are the Space Pirates Barban. They later return in "Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V vs. Gingaman".



nihongo|Ryouma|リョウマ|Ryōma/nihongo|GingaRed|ギンガレッド|Gingareddo, portrayed by nihongo|Kazuki Maehara|前原 一輝|Maehara Kazuki, is 22 years old. Ryouma becomes GingaRed to fulfill Hyuuga's last wish. His potential is stronger than Hyuuga's. He is bright, optimistic, and hardworking. When Hyuuga returns, Ryoma offers his saber back, but he changes his mind, to Hyuuga's pleasure. His element is fire. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Ryouma can become nihongo|Super Armor Shine GingaRed|超装光ギンガレッド|Chōsōkō Gingareddo. Appeared alongside the red warriors from Goranger to Timeranger in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but had no interactions with his former teammate Gouki, who also appeared, but alongside the Dream Sentai instead.
* Earth Elemental Technique: nihongo|Mane of Fire|炎のたてがみ|Honō no Tategami
* Starbeast Sword Technique: nihongo|Flame Flash|炎一閃|Honō Issen
* Willing Sword Kiba: nihongo|Kiba Cutter|キバカッター|Kiba Kattā, Fire Cut
* Actor: Kazuki Maehara (aka Yoshiyuki Hamaguchi)
* Birthday: December 3, 1973


nihongo|Hayate|ハヤテ|Hayate/nihongo|GingaGreen|ギンガグリーン|Gingagurīn, portrayed by nihongo|Kōji Sueyoshi|末吉 宏司|Sueyoshi Kōji, is 22 years old. Cool and quick-witted, he is an expert flute player. A very qualified subleader, his only weakness is tomatoes (although he fixes this through the series) and honey. Being engaged with a girl named Miharu, Hayate always carries the flute and amulet she gave him before leaving the Ginga Forest. He is rivals with Sherinda after a sword battle. Hayate's element is wind. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hayate can become nihongo|Super Armor Shine GingaGreen|超装光ギンガグリーン|Chōsōkō Gingagurīn.
* Earth Elemental Technique: nihongo|Fluttering of a Storm|嵐のはばたき|Arashi no Habataki
* Starbeast Sword Technique: nihongo|Hurricane Gust|疾風一陣|Shippū Ichijin
* Willing Sword Kiba: nihongo|Kiba Shot|キバショット|Kiba Shotto, Blast Shoot
* Actor: Kōji Sueyoshi
* Birthday: February 5, 1977


nihongo|Gouki|ゴウキ|Gōki/nihongo|GingaBlue|ギンガブルー|Gingaburū, portrayed by nihongo|Shōei|照英|Shōei, is 22 years old. Gouki is strong but shy, and a lover of forests and wildlife. He is good at cooking. He thought this aspect of his personality would not let him be a good Gingaman but at the end he even conquered long secret love, Suzuko Miyasawa. Gouki's element is water. In "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai", he lectured Soutarou Ushigome (GaoBlack) on the many strong warriors of the Super Sentai franchise. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Gouki can become nihongo|Super Armor Shine GingaBlue|超装光ギンガブルー|Chōsōkō Gingaburū.
* Earth Elemental Technique: nihongo|Pulse of the Stream|流水の鼓動|Ryūsui no Kodō
* Starbeast Sword Technique: nihongo|Rapids Stroke|激流一刀|Gekiryū Ittō
* Willing Sword Kiba: nihongo|Kiba Claw|キバクロー|Kiba Kurō, Tsunami Hit
* Actor: Shouei (aka Teruhide Takahashi)
* Birthday: April 4, 1974


nihongo|Hikaru|ヒカル|Hikaru / nihongo|GingaYellow|ギンガイエロー|Gingaierō, portrayed by nihongo|Nobuaki Takahashi|高橋 伸顕|Takahashi Nobuaki, is 17 years old. Even though he can be very childish at times, he hates to be treated like a kid. Hikaru is a gluttonous prankster. His favorite food is Mister Donut's donut. After the appearance of Biznella they often fought each other. Hikaru's element is thunder. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hikaru can become nihongo|Super Armor Shine GingaYellow|超装光ギンガイエロー|Chōsōkō Gingaierō.
* Earth Elemental Technique: nihongo|Howl of Thunder|雷の雄叫び|Inazuma no Otakebi
* Starbeast Sword Technique: nihongo|Thunder Sweep|雷一掃|Inazuma Issō
*Willing Sword Kiba: nihongo|Kiba Knives|キバナイフ|Kiba Naifu, Lightning Cut
* Actor: Nobuaki Takahashi
* Birthday: July 21, 1977


nihongo|Saya|サヤ|Saya / nihongo|GingaPink|ギンガピンク|Gingapinku, portrayed by nihongo|Juri Miyazawa|宮澤 寿梨|Miyazawa Juri, is 17 years old. Admiration for Hyuuga has given her courage to fight. She is always playing and competing with Hikaru. She loves climbing trees. Saya is a strong but introverted girl. Her element is flowers. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Saya can become nihongo|Super Armor Shine GingaPink|超装光ギンガピンク|Chōsōkō Gingapinku.
* Earth Elemental Technique: nihongo|Claws of Petals|花びらの爪|Hanabira no Tsume
* Starbeast Sword Technique: nihongo|Flower Heart|花一心|Hana Isshin
* Willing Sword Kiba: nihongo|Kiba Arrow|キバアロー|Kiba Arō
* Actress: Juri Miyazawa
* Birthday: April 25, 1980


nihongo|Hyuuga|ヒュウガ|Hyūga / nihongo|Black Knight|黒騎士|Kuro Kishi, portrayed by nihongo|Teruaki Ogawa|小川 輝晃|Ogawa Teruaki, is 27 years old and is Ryouma's elder brother. He was chosen for the 133rd GingaRed, but he falls into a crack in the ground caused by Zaihab. He is saved by BullBlack, who possesses the boy's body for a while before discarding him. Soon thereafter, Hyuuga is given the power to become the new Black Knight. But later when GouTaurus is wounded in battle, it is captured by Pucrates who blackmails Hyuuga to come work for him so he could sever his connection to the Earth in order to wield the cursed Knight Axe, the only thing that can shatter Zahab's Star Soul Jewel. Hyuuga agrees to give up his Earth power in hopes of using the Knight Axe to kill Zahab. Hyuuga regains his Earth Power within "Gingaman VS GoGo-V", however, and fought as the Black Knight alongside the Gingaman and GoGo-V teams in battle. As Black Knight, Hyuuga's element is earth, though he does not use it in special attacks like the other Gingamen. He can become the Heavy Knight with the aid of GouTaurus.
* Weapon: nihongo|Bull Riot|ブルライアット|Buru Raiatto: BullBlack's sword that also functions as his transformation device. By using the henshin call nihongo|"Knight Reincarnation"|騎士転生|Kishi Tensei, Hyuuga transforms into BullBlack. The sword can also be changed into a laser rifle mode.
* Actor: Teruaki Ogawa
* Birthday: August 29, 1968


*: A brace that is the transformation device of the Gingamen. It is activated by turning a dial. The henshin call is nihongo|"Ginga Reincarnation"|ギンガ転生|Ginga Tensei.

*: The team's sidearms. It can perform the individual special attacks of the Gingamen or be shortened into a dagger when not in use.

*: Fang-shaped blades that have varied shapes from member to member. They also help in the five main Starbeasts' transformation into Silver Starbeasts.

*: Rods that can also be shortened into bazookas. They can perform the attack "Beast Crushing". In Beast Armor Shine, the Beast Attack Rods later become advanced thanks to special jewels.

*: An armor upgrade the team receives. It is summoned by the command "Roar! Lights of Ginga!". The Beast Armor enhancements are also used to summon the Galeo Pulsar and are returned to the Gingamen afterwards.
** nihongo|Flashing Starbeast Sword|閃光星獣剣|Senkō Seijūken: Upgraded versions of the Starbeast Swords, in which they can perform the attack "Beast Shockwave".
** nihongo|Beast Armor Claw|獣装の爪|Jūsō no Tsume: A brace with two claw-like blades that is worn on the left forearm.

*: A cursed weapon that Hyuuga receives from Pucrates which has the power to destroy the Star Soul Jewel which sustains Zahab's life. The Knight Axe was destroyed by Zahab in the finale but not before damaging his Star Soul Jewel.


*: Horses that serve as the team's transportation.
** nihongo|Red Spark|レッドスパーク|Reddo Supāku: A white horse, GingaRed rides him.
** nihongo|Green Wind|グリーンウィンド|Gurīn Windo: A black horse, GingaGreen rides him.
** nihongo|Blue Horizon|ブルーホライズン|Burū Horaizun: A beige horse, GingaBlue rides him.
** nihongo|Yellow Thunder|イエローサンダー|Ierō Sandā: A bay horse, GingaYellow rides him.
** nihongo|Pink Flower|ピンクフラワー|Pinku Furawā: A bay horse, GingaPink rides her.

*: Ryouma's motorcycle that is themed after his Starbeast GingaLeon. The Galeo Pulsar is powered by the Lights of Ginga which is temporarily transferred through the Starbeast Swords when it is used and it attacks by ramming into its target with the flaming Lights of Ginga energy.


The nihongo|Starbeasts|星獣|Seijū are sentient beings located in the Ginga Forest that help the Gingaman fight evil. The Gingaman's Earth power would increase when man and beast combine.


nihongo|Silver Starbeasts|銀星獣|Ginseijū: When the Gingaman channel the energy of the Starbeasts' home planet through their Kiba Swords the first five Starbeasts are able to transform into Silver Starbeasts with the command of nihongo|"Silver Starbeast Transformation"|銀星獣変形|Ginseijū Henkei, and from there, combine into the nihongo|Galaxy Beast Warrior Gingaioh|銀河獣士ギンガイオー|Ginga Jūshi Gingaiō with the command of nihongo|"Starbeast Gattai"|星獣合体|Seijū Gattai, which is armed with the nihongo|Silver-Armor Sword|銀鎧剣|Gingaiken and the nihongo|Galcon Bowgun|ガルコンボーガン|Garukon Bōgan (formed from Gingalcon). Later, when the Gingaman receive the power of the Lights of Ginga, it enables Gingaioh to become nihongo|Super Armor Shine Gingaioh|超装光ギンガイオー|Chōsōkō Gingaiō. This is where Gingaioh receives an armored chestplate and head and the Silver Armor Sword's power is enhanced. Its attacks are nihongo|"Shooting Star Bullet"|流星弾|Ryūseidan and nihongo|"Galaxy Beast King Cut"|銀河獣王斬り|Gingajūō Kiri. Gingaioh's power helps power up GaoKing in "Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai".
*: GingaLeon is the lion-like beast of flame, its attack is "Strong Flame". Comes whenever GingaRed calls out "GingaLeon!". A native of the field planet Galeon. It later gains the ability to become nihongo|Silver Starbeast GingaLeon|銀星獣ギンガレオン|Ginseijū Gingareon; in this mode, it forms Gingaioh's head and chest. Helps out in "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai".
*: Gingalcon is the dragon and falcon hybrid beast of wind, its attack is "Roaring Cyclone". Comes whenever GingaGreen calls out "Gingalcon!". It is a native of the wind planet Galcon. It later gains the ability to become nihongo|Silver Starbeast Gingalcon|銀星獣ギンガルコン|Ginseijū Gingarukon; in this mode, it forms Gingaioh's back, waistline, and crossbow.
*: Gingarilla is the gorilla-like beast of water, its attack is "Mighty Strength". Comes whenever GingaBlue calls out "Gingarilla!". Native of the hidden forest planet Garilla. It later gains the ability to become nihongo|Silver Starbeast Gingarilla|銀星獣ギンガリラ|Ginseijū Gingarira; in this mode, it forms Gingaioh's "navel", waist, and legs, and the toy version stores the Gingaioh fists in its feet.
*: GingaVerick is the wolf-like beast of thunder, its attack is "Strong Electric Shock". Comes whenever GingaYellow calls out "GingaVerick!". It is a native of the forest planet Gaverick. It later gains the ability to become nihongo|Silver Starbeast GingaVerick|銀星獣ギンガベリック|Ginseijū Gingaberikku; in this mode, it forms Gingaioh's left arm.
*: Gingat is the cat-like beast of flowers, its attack is "Flower Bullet". Comes whenever GingaPink calls out "Gingat!". It is a native of the sand planet Gat. It later gains the ability to become nihongo|Silver Starbeast Gingat|銀星獣ギンガット|Ginseijū Gingatto; in this mode, it forms Gingaioh's right arm. A star power gemstone fell from the sky one night and landed a bit too near Gingat and became a small kitten. A little girl Yuuko was looking for her kitty and found the chibi-sized Gingat. When the Gingaman track down Gingat but out of sorrow, Saya left her companion with Yuuko. Yuuko than realized Gingat was much needed for battle and the gemstone was broken, so Gingat was restored. The Gingaman soon found her real cat.


nihongo|Heavy Starbeast GouTaurus|重星獣ゴウタウラス|Jūseijū GōTaurasu: GouTaurus is the Black Knight's partner and comes when the Black Knight calls out his name. It transforms the Black Knight into the giant nihongo|Heavy Knight|重騎士|Jū Kishi, where he is armed with two nihongo|Bullsword|ブルソード|Burusōdo lances and can perform the nihongo|"Cross Fire Slash"|クロスファイヤー斬り|Kurosu Faiyā Kiri. It forms a bodysuit for Heavy Knight when forming Bull Taurus (the rear legs become the legs, the front legs become the arms, and the neck swings up to reveal the head) called nihongo|Combined Beast-Warrior BullTaurus|合身獣士ブルタウラス|Gasshin Jūshi BuruTaurasu by the command nihongo|"Beast Warrior Combination"|騎獣合体|Jūshi Gasshin. In this form both of Heavy Knight's Bullswords are combined into a single nihongo|Twin Bullsword|ツインブルソード|Tsuin Burusōdo which Bull Taurus uses for the nihongo|"Bison Fierce Cut"|野牛鋭断|Yagyū Eidan finisher. Later in the series, after Hyuuga receives the Knight Axe, he also gains the ability to use it as Bull Taurus.

teel Starbeasts

nihongo|Steel Starbeasts|鋼星獣|Kōseijū: Formerly Starbeasts GingaRhinos, GingaPhoenix, and GingaBitus, their worlds were destroyed by the Barban long ago. They were converted into cyborgs by Biznella under his control when they were rendered dormant. After recharging them with the Galaxy Lights, Biznella set them against the Gingamen. The fact that they were Starbeasts made Super Armor Shine Gingaioh and Bull Taurus reluctant to fight them. However, the Steel Starbeasts were freed from their programing by the brotherhood of their fellow Starbeasts. They then destroyed Biznella near the finale. They aided the Gingamen in many of their battles. However, in the "Gingaman vs. Megaranger" special, GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix die after fighting Daitanix II. What happens to GigaBitus is unknown.
*nihongo|Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos|鋼星獣ギガライノス|Kōseijū GigaRainosu: Formerly the red rhinoceros-like beast nihongo|Starbeast GingaRhinos|星獣ギガライノス|Seijū GingaRainosu, but now is a red-armored robot whose body can break into the five nihongo|GigaWheels|ギガホイール|GigaHoīru, only to reform as one again through its nihongo|"Beast-Land Gattai"|獣陸合体|Jūriku Gattai. It uses its powerful nihongo|Gigantis Buster|ギガンティスバスター|Gigantisu Basutā cannon in battle. Combines with Phoenix for an energy cyclone attack. It is destroyed along with GigaPhoenix after fighting Daitanix II.
**GigaWheel 1: GigaWheel 1 forms GigaRhinos' head and back and the "clip" of the Gigantis Buster. Stored between the "feet" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode.
**GigaWheel 2: GigaWheel 2 forms GigaRhinos' upper torso and the "generator" of the Gigantis Buster. Stored in the left "foot" of GigaBitus's Scramble Mode, to GigaWheel 3's left.
**GigaWheel 3: GigaWheel 3 forms GigaRhinos' waist and the "frame" of the Gigantis Buster. Stored in the left "foot" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode, to GigaWheel 1's right and GigaWheel 4's left.
**GigaWheel 4: GigaWheel 4 forms GigaRhinos' arms and the muzzles of the Gigantis Buster. Stored in the left "foot" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode, to GigaWheel 3's right.
**GigaWheel 5: GigaWheel 5 forms GigaRhinos' helmet and legs and the "barrel" of the Gigantis Buster. Stored in the right "foot" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode.
*nihongo|Steel Starbeast GigaPhoenix|鋼星獣ギガフェニックス|Kōseijū GigaFenikkusu: Formerly the blue phoenix-like beast nihongo|Starbeast GingaPhoenix|星獣ギガフェニックス|Seijū GingaFenikkusu, but now is a blue-armored robot whose body can break into five nihongo|GigaWings|ギガウィング|GigaWingu, only to reform as one again through its nihongo|"Beast-Sky Gattai"|獣空合体|Jūkū Gattai. With its weapon, the nihongo|Giganic Boomerang|ギガニックブーメラン|Giganikku Būmeran, it aided the Gingamen in many battles. Combines with Rhinos for an energy cyclone attack. It is destroyed along with GigaRhinos after fighting Daitanix II.
**GigaWing 1: GigaWing 1 forms GigaPhoenix's head and arms. Stored in GigaBitus' jaw, ahead of GigaWings 2 and 3.
**GigaWing 2: GigaWing 2 forms GigaPhoenix's body. Stored in GigaBitus' jaw, left of GigaWing 1.
**GigaWing 3: GigaWing 3 forms GigaPhoenix's waist and upper legs, and presumably holds the helmet. Stored in GigaBitus' jaw, right of GigaWing 1.
**GigaWing 4: GigaWing 4 forms GigaPhoenix's right leg. Stored in the right "arm" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode.
**GigaWing 5: GigaWing 5 forms GigaPhoenix's left leg. Stored in the left "arm" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode.
*nihongo|Giant Steel Starbeast GigaBitus|巨大鋼星獣ギガバイタス|Kyodai Kōseijū GigaBaitasu: Formerly a silver shark-like beast nihongo|Starbeast GingaBitus|星獣ギガバイタス|Seijū GigaBaitasu, now serves as a carrier for his fellow Steel Starbeasts. Transforms from nihongo|Cruiser Mode|クルーザーモード|Kurūzā Mōdo to nihongo|Scramble Mode|スクランブルスモード|Sukuranburu Mōdo, armed with the nihongo|"Bitus Cannon"|バイタスキャノン|Baitasu Kyanon.

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