Pyro may refer to:

In its meaning of fire:

*Fire itself – "Pyr" means "fire" in Greek
*An aluminum powder used in pyrotechnics for white flame and brightness
*Pyrotechnics, flames and explosives used in special effects
*Pyromaniac, a person who is obsessed with fire
*Pyrokinetic, the disputed ability of manipulating fire
*Jargon for pyrotechnic fasteners, also commonly known as explosive bolts

In computers and computer games:

*Pyro Desktop, a desktop environment for Linux built on Mozilla Firefox
*Pyro Studios, a computer game developer based in Madrid
* The Pyro, A playable class in the Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2 games, whose weapons are typically fire-based
*The fire zone in "Metroid Fusion"
*"Pyro 2", an ASCII game
* "Pyroblast" refers to a spell able to be casted by the Mage class in World of Warcraft
*Pyro is Core's assault kbot in Total Annihilation

Pyro may also refer to:

*Pyro (comics), a fictional fire-controlling mutant in Marvel Comics's X-Men titles
*Mineral Insulated Copper Clad cable, a type of fire resistant electrical cable
*Pyrogallol, when used as a photographic developing agent
*Pyro (horse), American thoroughbred racehorse

As a Prefix/Suffix in chemistry:-pyr(o)- [Gr. pyr fire]
* A prefix indicating a dimeric acid anhydride in Organic Chemistry, e.g. pyrophosphoric acid

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