Mucosal Immunology

Mucosal Immunology

Mucosal Immunology is the official publication of the Society for Mucosal Immunology(SMI).

It aims to provide a forum for both basic and clinical scientists to discuss all aspects of immunity and inflammation involving mucosal tissues. The journal reflects the interests of scientists studying gastrointestinal, pulmonary, nasopharyngeal, oral, ocular, and genitourinary immunology through the publication of original research articles, scholarly reviews, and timely commentaries, editorials and letters. Publication of basic, translational, and clinical studies will all be given equal consideration.

In addition, Mucosal Immunology aims to provide a primary method of communication for the SMI governing board and its members through the publication of society news.

Current editors

  • Brian Kelsall, MD, Editor-in-Chief
  • Paul Garside, PhD, Deputy Editor
  • Jo Viney, PhD, Deputy Editor

The journal will be published by Nature Publishing Group, on behalf of the Society from January 2008.

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