Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland (born 1934) is an author of both fiction and non-fiction, a liturgist, and a Wiccan priest. According to his written works, he was the first person in the United States to openly admit to being a practitioner of Wicca. In 1963 Buckland had his first and only meeting with Gerald Gardner and was initiated into Gardnerian Wicca which he introduced to the United States in 1964. Though he began as a supporter of Gardnerian Wicca, he later formed his own tradition dubbed Seax-Wica. Buckland has appeared as a speaker at Neo-Pagan gatherings and other events.


Buckland was born in London on 31 August 1934. He is of Roma descent. He was raised in the Anglican Church and developed an interest in Spiritualism and the occult at about age 12.

He was educated at King's College London. From 1957 to 1959, he served in the Royal Air Force. He and wife Rosemary emigrated to the United States in 1962, and moved to Long Island, NY.

Buckland currently lives on a farm in Wooster, Ohio, where he continues to write.


Ray Buckland is an author of many books dealing with the occult and witchcraft. His most popular book is "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" first published in 1986. His books include:

*"Witchcraft: Yesterday and Today Video"
*"Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft"
*"La Verdad Sobre la Comunicación con los Espíritus"
*"Gypsy Dream Dictionary"
*"Witchcraft DVD: Rebirth of the Old Religion"
*"Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells & Rituals for Every Purpose"
*"Advanced Candle Magick: More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose"
*"Rituales prácticos con velas"
*"Scottish Witchcraft: The History and Magick of the Picts"
*"Cardinal's Sin: Psychic Defenders Uncover Evil in the Vatican"
*"Wicca: Practicas y principios de la brujeria"
*"Witchcraft From the Inside: Origins of the Fastest Growing Religious Movement in America"
*"El lenguaje de las monedas: Adivinación, fortuna y amor"
*"Signs, Symbols & Omens: An Illustrated Guide to Magical & Spiritual Symbolism"
*"The Committee"
*"Cards of Alchemy"
*"Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications"
*"Color Magick (Closed): Unleash Your Inner Powers"
*"Witchcraft from the Inside (1971)"
*"Practical Candleburning Rituals (1974) "
*"Tree the Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft (1974) "
*"Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World (1975) "
*"The Anatomy of the Occult (1977) "
*"The Magick of Chant-O-Matics (1978)"
*"Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (1986)"
*"Rituales Practico Con Velos (1988) "
*"Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick (1990)"
*"Secrets of Gypsy Dream Reading (1990)"
*"Scottish Witchcraft (1991)"
*"Ghosts, Hauntings and Possessions (1991) "
*"Esp, Witches, and Ufos (1991) "
*"The Book of African Divination (1992)"
*"Practical Color Magick (1993) "
*"Doors to Other Worlds (1993) "
*"The Committee (1993) "
*"The Buckland Gypsies' Domino Divination Deck/Domino Cards (1995) "
*"Witchcraft from the Inside (1995) "
*"Advanced Candle Magick (1996) "
*"Secrets of Gypsy Fortune Telling (1996) "
*"Gypsy Witchcraft & Magic (1998) "
*"Gypsy Dream Dictionary (1999) "
*"Gypsy Fortune Telling & Tarot Reading (1999) "
*"Coin Divination (2000) "
*"Wicca (2001) "
*"The Buckland Romani Tarot (2001) "
*"Color Magick (2002) "
*"The Witch Book (2002)"
*"Wicca for Life (2003) "
*"Cards of Alchemy (2003) "
*"Signs, Symbols & Omens (2003) "
*"The Fortune-Telling Book (2004) "
*"Wicca For One (2004) "
*"The Spirit Book: The Encyclopedia of Clairvoyance, Channeling, and Spirit Communication (2006) "


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