Advisor (comics)

Advisor (comics)


publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="War Machine" #1 (April 1994)
creators=Scott Benson
Len Kaminski
Gabriel Gecko
Pam Eklund
powers=manipulate fire, cast astral projections, manipulate things or pearson|

The Advisor is a supervillain in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe. He is an enemy of Iron Man and his partner, War Machine. Little is known about his background, except that he is a terrorist with a talent for causing mass mayhem.

fictional character history

The Advisor first appears in War Machine #1. After helping General Eda Arul become president of Imaya, he takes noted humanitarian, Vincent Cetewayo as a prisoner. This causes War Machine, Deathlok and Cable to come and rescue him. War Machine is motivated to help the Imayan rebels take back the government from Arul.

In the end, the Advisor said that he didn't care who won the war. He is acting on behalf of his "mysterious masters" to eliminate the threat brought on by people like Cetewayo. Before War Machine can save him, the Advisor "negates" Cetewayo. In a fit of rage, War Machine blasts the Advisor with his repulsors, who surprisingly, withstands the blast. He tells War Machine this he's not a threat to him and disappears. ["War Machine" #1-4]

Powers and abilities

The Advisor is a first-class manipulator. He cons political groups, as well as government officials, into seeing things his way. These ideals lead to mistrust within the government, then leading to social and political conflicts. Ultimately, this leads to chaos and the breakdown of an entire political system.

In addition, the Advisor's been known to have some supernatural powers. He's been known to phase, manipulate fire, and cast astral projections. He has also proved that he can stand up to War Machine's repulsor blasts.

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