A Short History of the World

A Short History of the World

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name = A Short History of the World

author = Geoffrey Blainey
subject = General history
publisher = Penguin Books
pub_date = 2000
media_type = Hard cover
pages = 669
isbn = 0-670-88036-1

"A Short History of the World" is a general history non-fiction book written by Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey. First published in 2000 by Penguin Books, it describes over 4 million years of history, from before the first people left Africa, through to the current day.

In 2007 Blainey released an abridged (492 pages) paperback version of the book titled "A Very Short History of the World". [Blainey, Geoffrey. "A Very Short History of the World" ISBN 9780143005599] He also released a double audio CD set of the same name.

Other books of the same title

A book of the same title was written by H. G. Wells in 1920. [ [http://www.bartleby.com/86/ "A Short History of the World"] H.G. Wells]

British historian John Roberts published "A Short History of the World" in 1997, as a followup to his larger 1994 book "History of the World". [ [http://www.us.oup.com/us/catalog/general/subject/HistoryWorld/?view=usa&ci=9780195115048 "A Short History of the World"] John M. Roberts]



* Blainey, Geoffery (2000). "A Short History Of The World". Penguin Books, Victoria. ISBN 0-670-88036-1

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* [http://www.claremont.org/publications/crb/id.910/article_detail.asp Review by John Derbyshire]

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