Advisor or adviser may refer to:


*Commodity trading advisor, any person who engages in the business of advising others
*Financial advisor, also known as a financial planner, a practicing professional who helps people to deal with various personal financial issues through proper planning
**In the UK, this person is known as a financial adviser
**Fee-Only financial advisor, a financial advisor compensated only by their clients and accept no commissions or compensation from other sources
*Financial Management Advisor, a professional designation of the Canadian Securities Institute
*Investment advisor, an individual or firm that advises clients on investment matters
*Registered Investment Advisor, an individual who has registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or state regulatory agency in connection with the management of the investments of others
*Tax advisor, an expert in tax law

Government positions

*Chief Advisor, the Head of State in Bangladesh during the 90 day Caretaker Government
*Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, adviser to the Prime Minister and head of the Office of Science and Technology
*Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff, the head of the Budgeting Directorate of Israel’s Ministry of Defense
*Legal Advisor (CSRT), part of the team tasked to coduct Combatant Status Review Tribunals of captives detained in Guantanamo Bay
*Military or combat advisors, soldiers sent to foreign nations to aid that nation with various military tasks
*National Security Advisor, the chief advisor to a national government on matters of security
**National Security Advisor (Canada)
**National Security Advisor (India)
**National Security Advisor (United States)
***Deputy National Security Advisor, deputy to the President's NSA
*Senior Advisor, a person appointed to advise on the highest levels of national and government policy
*Women's Affairs advisor, a female officer in the Israel Defense Forces, in charge of promoting freedom of opportunities for women soldiers


*"Broadband & Internet Advisor" (originally "Internet Advisor"), a magazine which provides articles, news, and reviews relating to Internet technology
*"The CPA Technology Advisor", a technology magazine for accounting and tax professionals
*"Resident Advisor", an online electronic music magazine dedicated to the global dance music scene
* Peter J. Laugharne, "Parliament and Specialist Advice", Manutius Press, 1994. An academic study of expert advisers to committees in the British Parliament.

pecific advisory companies

*Agathon Advisors LLC, a human resources consulting firm
*Amaranth Advisors LLC, an American multistrategy hedge fund
*Dimensional Fund Advisors, an investment firm that develops mutual funds grounded in academic research
*Greenfield Advisors LLC, a real estate and business consulting firm in Seattle, Washington
*State Street Global Advisors, the investment management division of State Street Corporation

pecific advisory services

*Dipmeter Advisor, an early system developed to aid in the analysis of data gathered during oil exploration
*McAfee SiteAdvisor, an Internet service that warns users that a site may make them victims of malware or spam
*MIT Design Advisor, an online tool for exploring the energy performance of building designs


*Academic adviser, an employee of a college or university who helps students to select courses or a major.
*Customer Service Advisor, a generic job title in the service industry, principally used in the United Kingdom
*Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, a qualification required of chemical distributors and storage companies throughout the United Kingdom relating to packing and labelling of hazardous materials
*Legal adviser; that is, a lawyer who gives legal advice.
*Technical advisor, an expert in a particular field of knowledge, hired to ensure that this area of knowledge is portrayed accurately in a movie
*Technical Design Advisor, a person is charge of advising in technical aspects of information technology design
*Combine Advisor, a fictional creature from the Half-Life series.

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