Rheem Creek

Rheem Creek

Rheem Creek is a 3 mile (5 km) long urban stream in western Contra Costa County, California which empties into San Pablo Bay south of Point Pinole. The creek rises from Rolling Hills Cemetery and passes through Rollingwood, the campus of Contra Costa Community College, and the city of San Pablo, California. [ [http://repositories.cdlib.org/wrca/hydrology/balazs/ Hydrology and channel form of an urban creek: Rheem Creek in the context of restoration efforts] ] Near this area at the end of the creek a business park is being built and there is some concern on how the creek may be impacted by the construction. [ [http://sanfranciscobay.sierraclub.org/Yodeler/html/2005/11/conservation5.htm Richmond developer hopefully to protect Rheem Creek, Nov/Dec 2005 Yodeler ] ]


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