Pearson (surname)

Pearson (surname)

Pearson is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Adam Pearson, chairman of Derby County
* Albie Pearson, American baseball player
* Alister Pearson, British illustrator
* Allison Pearson, British journalist
* April Pearson, British actress
* Arthur Pearson, British politician
* Sir Arthur Pearson, 1st Baronet, British publisher and philanthropist.


* Ben Pearson, Bow Maker
* Bernard Pearson, "Discworld" modeller
* Bill Pearson (born 1938), comic book artist-writer and editor of "Witzend"
* Billy Pearson, American jockey


* Carl Pearson, later Karl Pearson, statistician
* Carlton Pearson, American evangelical minister
* Carol Lynn Pearson, American poet and playwright
* Charles Henry Pearson, British historian
* Charles John Pearson, Scottish politician and judge
* Chris Pearson, Canadian politician
* Cyril Arthur Pearson, British newspaperman


* Dan Pearson, American publicist
* Darryl Pearson, American musician
* David Pearson, American racing driver
* Denise Pearson, British singer-songwriter
* Derrick Pearson, American sports commentator
* Derrick William Pearson
* Diane Pearson
* Digby Pearson, British record label executive
* Don Pearson, American management consultant
* Drew Pearson (journalist), American journalist
* Drew Pearson (football player) (b. 1951), American football player
* Duke Pearson, American jazz musician


* Egon Sharpe Pearson (1895—1980), statistician, son of Karl Pearson
* Edmund Lester Pearson (1880-1937), American librarian and author


* Fred Stark Pearson (1861–1915), American electrical and mechanical engineer


* Gary Pearson, Canadian comedian
* George Pearson (1875-1973), pioneering English film director
* Geoffrey Pearson, Canadian diplomat


* Henry Shepherd Pearson, British Governor of Penang
* Hesketh Pearson, British biographer


* Ian Pearson, British politician
* Isabelle Pearson, Canadian judoka


* James Pearson
* James B. Pearson
* John Pearson:
**John Pearson III, White House staffer
**John A. Pearson (1867 - 1940), Canadian architect
**John Pearson (scholar), English 17th Century theologian and scholar
**John Pearson (author), British author of works such as ""
**John Pearson (artist), original member of C. R. Ashbee's Guild of Handicraft
**John Pearson (VC)
**John Andrew Pearson (naval officer)
**John James Pearson (1800-1888), United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
**John Loughborough Pearson
* Johnny Pearson
* Joseph Pearson
* Justin Pearson


* Karl Pearson (1857–1936), British statistician
* Kayleigh Pearson
* Kellie Pearson


* Landon Pearson
* Larry Pearson
* Lars Pearson
* Lester Bowles Pearson (1897–1972), Prime Minister of Canada and Nobel Prize winner


* Malcolm Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch
* Marlys Pearson (M.J. Pearson)
* Maryon Pearson
* Melanie Pearson
* Michael Pearson, a renowned expert on clocks and clock-making
* Michael Pearson (author), an American author
* Michelle Pearson
* Mike Pearson
* Mike Parker Pearson
* Monte Pearson


* Neil Pearson
* Nigel Pearson
* Noel Pearson


* Patricia Pearson
* Pepe Pearson
* Peter Pearson
* Preston Pearson


* Randy Pearson
* R. B. Pearson
* Richard Pearson, British police commissioner
* Richard J. Pearson
* Ridley Pearson
* Rob Pearson
* Roger Pearson
* Roy L. Pearson, Jr., $67 million pants-suit litigant

* Sarah Lynch Pearson
* Stan Pearson
* Stedman Pearson
* Stephen Pearson
* Stuart Pearson


* T. R. Pearson, American novelist
* Todd Pearson


* Vaughn Pearson
* Victor Pearson


* Weetman Pearson, 1st Viscount Cowdray
* William Gaston Pearson

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