Rhodes (surname)

Rhodes (surname)

Rhodes is a surname, with other spellings Rhoades, Rhoads, Roads and Roades. It is also linked to the variant spelling Rohde, and the origins are thought to come from a town or village in Germany, near the city of Lübeck. This was not an unusual social situation — surnames were adopted as a popular concept. When surnames were first becoming popular in a community many chose the same name — and of course, the majority were illiterate, hence the variations. This surname may refer to:
* Alex Rhodes
* Alexandre de Rhodes
* Alexis Rhodes
* Alicia Rhodes
* Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
* Andy Rhodes
* Anthony Rhodes, journalist and author of "The Vatican in the Age of the Dictators"
* Arthur Rhodes, a player in Major League Baseball
* Atticus Rhodes, fictional character
* Augustus Rhodes
* Bernie Rhodes
* Cecil Rhodes, British businessman for whom Rhodesia was named
* Cynthia Rhodes
* Damian Rhodes
* Dan Rhodes
* Dave Rhodes, purported author of Make Money Fast
* David Rhodes
* Dominic Rhodes, a player in the National Football League
* Donnelly Rhodes, Canadian television actor
* Doralee Rhodes, fictional character
* Doug Rhodes
* Dusty Rhodes, common nickname combination:
**Dusty Rhodes (baseball player)
**Dusty Rhodes, wrestling stage name of Dusty Rhodes
* E.C. Rhodes, statistician and economist who worked with Arthur Bowley and Karl Pearson
* Edgar Nelson Rhodes
* Elisha Hunt Rhodes
* Elvi Rhodes, British author
* Emitt Rhodes
* Erik Rhodes
* Francis William Rhodes, better known as Frank, brother of Cecil, 19th Century British Army Colonel in Africa
* Frank H. T. Rhodes
* Gary Rhodes, celebrity chef for the BBC
* Happy Rhodes
* Hari Rhodes
* Harold Rhodes
* Harold Rhodes (cricketer)
* Hervey Rhodes
* Ida Rhodes
* Izora Rhodes, Izora Armstead
* James Ford Rhodes
* Jay B. Rhodes, inventor
* Jennifer Rhodes
* Jewell Parker Rhodes
* Jim Rhodes, four-term governor of Ohio
* John Rhodes;
**John Rhodes (driver)
**John Harald Rhodes
**John Jacob Rhodes
**John Jacob Rhodes III
**John W. Rhodes
* Jonty Rhodes, South African cricketer
* Jordan Rhodes, a footballer
* Kerry Rhodes
* Kim Rhodes
* Kim Rhode
* Leah Rhodes
* Lou Rhodes
* Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty
* Margaret Rhodes
* Mark Rhodes
* Nick Rhodes
* Pam Rhodes
* Paul Rhodes
* Peter Rhodes
* Peyton Nelle Rhodes, 15th President and namesake of Rhodes College in Memphis, TN
* Philip Rhodes, prolific boat designer who designed the 1962 America's Cup winner, "Weatherly"
* Phillip Rhodes, drummer for the Gin Blossoms
* Randi Rhodes, talk radio host
* Ray Rhodes
* Richard Rhodes, author, notably of "Deadly Feasts" about prion diseases, and of "The Making of the Atomic Bomb"
* Roxci Rhodes
* Rufus N. Rhodes, founder of the "Birmingham News", and Vice-President of the Associated Press
* Rufus R. Rhodes, Chief Clerk of the Confederate Patent Office, 1861-1865
* Sammie Rhodes, an adult film actress
* Stephen Rhodes
* Steve Rhodes
* Thomas L. Dusty Rhodes
* Tuffy Rhodes
* William Rhodes
* William Barnes Rhodes
* William Henry Rhodes
* William R. Rhodes
* William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse
* Wilfred Rhodes, an English cricketer
* Zandra Rhodes


* Dawn Rhoades
* Marcus Morton Rhoades
* Sarah Rhoades (ANTM)
* [ [Dusty Rhoades (MSW) ]


* Daniel Rhoads
* Randy Rhoads
* Samuel Rhoads
* Randall William Rhoads
* Jessica Rhoads


* Curtis Roads
* Elizabeth Roads

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* Rhodes (disambiguation)
* Rhode

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