List of South Islanders

List of South Islanders

This is a list of Famous South Islanders:


*Alexander Aitken - mathematician/statistician, writer, mental calculator, musician
*Ronald Algie - politician
*Fred Allen - rugby union player
*James Allen - politician
*James Allen - rugby union player
*Rewi Alley - supporter of Chinese communism
*Basil Arthur - politician
*Peter Arnett - TV journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner
*Ian Athfield - architect


*David Bain
*Alison Ballance - author and film-maker
*Rick Barker - politician
*James Baxter - poet
*Francis Bell - first New Zealand-born Prime Minister
*David Benson-Pope - politician
*Todd Blackadder - rugby player
*Ben Blair - rugby player
*William Brassington - stonemason & sculptor
*John Britten - designer of the Britten motorcycle
*Donald Forrester Brown - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Nigel Brown - painter
*Gerry Brownlee - politician
*Kerry Burke - politician


*Daniel Carter - rugby player
*Thomas Cooke - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Warren Cooper - politician
*Michael Cullen - politician
*G. H. Cunningham - plant pathologist
*Allen Curnow - poet


*Alan Dale - actor
*Lianne Dalziel - politician
*Bob Deans - rugby union player
*Ian Deans - rugby union player
*Robbie Deans - rugby player & coach
*Stephnie de Ruyter - politician
*Rod Dixon - runner
*Rod Donald - politician
*Jimmy Duncan - rugby union player, coach & referee
*Peter Dunne - politician


*Andrew Ellis - rugby union player
*Thomas Ellison - rugby union player & lawyer
*Bill English - politician


*Bob Fitzsimmons - world boxing heavyweight champion
*Corey Flynn - rugby player
*George William Forbes - Prime Minister


*George Gair - politician
*Daryl Gibson - rugby player
*Charles Gifford - teacher and very successful promoter of astronomy
*George Gillett - rugby union player
*Sir Harold Gillies - pioneering plastic surgeon
*Stewart Graeme Guthrie - police sergeant posthumously awarded the George Cross
*Robin Gray - politician
*Arthur Guinness - politician


*Sir Richard Hadlee - cricketer
*John Hall - Premier of New Zealand
*William Hall-Jones - Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Adam Hamilton - politician
*Bill Hamilton - developed the modern jetboat
*Scott Hamilton - rugby union player
*Mark Hammett - rugby union player
*Dame Joan Hammond - violinist, soprano
*Joseph Hatch - Invercargill businessman, "harvester" of penguins
*Rudy Heeman - inventor
*Louise Henderson - painter
*Graham Henry - rugby union coach
*Jack Hinton - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Frances Hodgkins - painter
*Sidney Holland - Prime Minister
*Sir Fred Hollows - eye surgeon
*Andrew Hore - rugby union player
*Ned Hughes - rugby union player
*Alfred Hulme - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Denny Hulme - world champion racing driver


*Chris Jack - rugby player
*Rowena Jackson - ballerina


*Phil Keoghan - TV presenter
*Norman Kirk - Prime Minister
*Terry Knights - awarded the Military Cross for service in Iraq


*Robert Lawson - architect
*Richard Loe - rugby player
*Jack Lovelock - runner
*Isaac Luck - architect
*Len Lye - sculptor, experimental film maker


*Laurie Mains - rugby union player & coach
*Justin Marshall - rugby union player
*Aaron Mauger - rugby union player
*Ivan Mauger - six time Motorcycle speedway world champion
*Nathan Mauger - rugby union player
*Colin McCahon - painter, museum curator, teacher
*Richie McCaw - rugby union player
*Leon MacDonald - rugby union player
*Thomas Mackenzie - Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Shona McFarlane - painter
*Duncan McGregor - rugby union player
*Sir Archie McIndoe - pioneer plastic surgeon
*Cameron McIntyre - rugby player
*Peter McIntyre - painter
*Andrew Mehrtens - rugby union player
*William Sefton Moorhouse - a prominent Canterbury politician and settler
*Benjamin Mountfort - architect
*Burt Munro - speed record breaker
*Colin Murdoch - inventor of the disposable syringe


*Henry James Nicholas - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Tane Norton - former All Black captain


*Anton Oliver - rugby player
*Frank Oliver - rugby player
*Simon O'Neill - opera singer


*Geoffrey Palmer - Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Richard Pearse - early aviator/inventor
*Francis Petre - architect


*Bill Rowling - Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Bic Runga - singer, songwriter
*Ernest Rutherford - 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson, scientist and winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

*Richard Seddon - Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Henry Sewell - Premier of New Zealand
*Kate Sheppard - suffragist
*Jenny Shipley - New Zealand's first female Prime Minister
*Edward Stafford - Premier of New Zealand
*Billy Stead - rugby union player
*Robert Stout - Premier of New Zealand
*Grahame Sydney - painter


*Sir Angus Tait - businessman and electronics innovator
*Brad Thorn - rugby union & rugby league player
*Reuben Thorne - rugby union player
*Richard Travis - awarded the Victoria Cross
*Brian Turner - poet
*Glenn Turner - cricketer
*Greg Turner - golfer


*Charles Upham - World War II soldier (one of three awarded the Victoria Cross twice)


*Petrus Van der Velden - painter
*Sir Julius Vogel - Premier of New Zealand


*Miles Warren - architect
*Robert Webster - discovered the link between human flu and bird flu
*Ian Wedde - poet
*Hayley Westenra - singer
*Tony Wilding - tennis player
*Jeff Wilson - sportsman
*Alex Wyllie - rugby union player & coach

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