A Kind of a Stopwatch

A Kind of a Stopwatch

Infobox Television episode
Title = A Kind of a Stopwatch
Series = The Twilight Zone

Caption = Scene from "A Kind of a Stopwatch"
Season = 5
Episode = 124
Airdate = October 18, 1963
Production =2609
Writer = Rod Serling
(From an unpublished story by Michael D. Rosenthal.)
Director = John Rich
Guests = Richard Erdman : Patrick Thomas McNulty
Roy Roberts : Mr. Cooper
Leon Belasco : Potts
Herbie Faye : Joe
Music = Nathan Van Cleave
Episode list = List of Twilight Zone episodes
Prev = Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Next = The Last Night of a Jockey

"A Kind of a Stopwatch" is an episode of the American television anthology series "The Twilight Zone".

Opening Narration


Patrick McNulty, a talkative and unpopular know-it-all, befriends an odd man named Potts, whom he meets in the local bar the day after McNulty is fired. Potts offers him a stopwatch, “an old family heirloom” in exchange for his friendship. Thinking it's an odd gift, McNulty soon realizes that when the button is pressed, the stopwatch is capable of stopping time itself. Excited with his new toy, he unsuccessfully uses it in an attempt to win back his job and his friends. Disappointed at the results, McNulty finds another use for it. While he is robbing a bank, the watch falls and breaks to pieces—leaving the universe forever frozen in time except for McNulty, who now has no one to talk to or interact with, and is all alone in a still world.

Closing Narration

Preview for Next Week's Story

Cultural references

*This episode is parodied in the last segment of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIV


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