James Kelly (crimper)

James Kelly (crimper)

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James "Shanghai" Kelly was an American criminal of the 1800s who kidnapped men and forced them to work on ships. The terms "crimp" and "shanghaier" are used to describe this type of criminal. Kelly wore a red beard and had a fiery temper to match. A legendary figure in San Francisco history, Kelly was called the King of Crimps for his gift of supplying or Shanghaiing men to understaffed ships.cite web |date=2000 | url = http://www.grandtimes.com/barbary.html| title = The Barbary Coast Trail| format = HTML | publisher = GrandTimes| accessdate = 2007-07-23 | last=Bacon |first=Daniel ]

Kelly kept a boarding house in San Francisco, variously reported to be on Pacific or Broadway. He also ran a number of bars including the Boston House at the corner of Davis and Chambers streets near the waterfront.Smith, 2007.] He also ran a saloon and boarding house at No. 33 Pacific between Drumm and Davis streets

Kelly is highly mythologized, and it is difficult to separate truth from the folklore. Here are some possibly true items about Kelly that have appeared in print:

*His saloon had three trapdoors. When a sailor was needed, one was rendered unconscious with drugs or violence, dumped into a boat through a trapdoor and taken to the waiting ship.
* Cigar makers in Chinatown made up special opium-laced cigars for him to render sailors unconscious
* Some of the bodies he provided to ships were, in fact, dead. Once he provided a crewman that turned out to be a cigar store Indian.
* Fellow crimp Johnny "Shanghai Chicken" Devine shanghaied Kelly.
* They say that Kelly was shot down in Peru.



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