Rose (name)

Rose (name)

Given name

Rose is a popular given name, usually female. Its source is disputed. It is now regarded as being a flower name, although the name could be a Germanic form of the word 'rise' or 'horse'.


*Mary Tudor, Queen of France, sister of King Henry VIII of England, was known as "Mary Rose"
*Rose Byrne, an Australian actress, best known for her role on the American television series "Damages"
*Rose Dugdale, English heiress who joined the Provisional Irish Republican Army
*Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the mother of American president John F. Kennedy and his brothers, Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy
*Rose McGowan, an American actress
*Rose Porteous, a Filipino-born Australian socialite
*Rose Schneiderman, a Polish born American labor organizer and socialist
*Rose Stone, an African-American singer and keyboardist for Sly & the Family Stone
*Rose (TV personality), an Indian transgender talk show host
*Rose Wilder Lane, an American journalist and political theorist, and the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder

In fiction

*"Broadway Danny Rose"
*Rose Tyler, a companion of the Doctor in the BBC series "Doctor Who"
*, a fictional anti-hero in "American Dragon: Jake Long"
*Rose (Street Fighter), a character from the "Street Fighter" video game series
*Rose DeWitt Bukater, one of two main character in the 1997 film "Titanic"
*Rose Henderson, a character from ABC TV show "Lost"
*Rose Nylund, a character in the TV series "The Golden Girls"
*Rose Walker, a character in the "Sandman" comics series
*Rosé Thomas, a character in the Japanese anime and manga series "Fullmetal Alchemist"
*Rose Ortiz, the pink ranger from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive"
*Rose Canton of "Rose and Thorn", a Golden Age DC Comics villainess
*Rose Wilson, daughter of Deathstroke (Slade) in the DC Comics universe
*Rose Taylor, a character from the TV show "7th Heaven"



*Alec Rose, a nursery owner, fruit merchant, and amateur single-handed sailer
*Alfred Rosé, Austrian pianist, conductor
*Alma Rosé, a Romania-born Austrian violinist, daughter of Arnold Rosé
*Amber Rose (singer), a Mexican-American singer from San Antonio, Texas
*Anthony Rose, British wine writer
*Arnold Rosé, a Romanian violinist, father of Alma Rosé
*Axl Rose, an American hard rock singer and songwriter
*Barbara Rose, an American art historian and critic
*Bernard Rose (disambiguation page)
*Billy Rose was a Jewish-American theatrical showman
*Clan Rose, a Scottish clan hailing from the highlands of Scotland.
*Charlie Rose, an American television interviewer and journalist
*Charlie Rose (congressman), an American congressman
*Chris Rose, an American sports analyst and host of the Best Damn Sports Show Period.
*David Rose, composer and orchestra leader.
*Erica Rose, an American long-distance swimmer
*Felipe Rose, a founding member of the rock group The Village People
*George Rose, a British politician
*Gustav Rose (1798–1873)
*Heinrich Rose (1795–1864)
*Hugh Rose, 1st Baron Strathnairn
*Hugh James Rose, an English churchman and theologian
*Jacques Rose, a member of the Chenier cell of the terrorist group Front de Libération du Quebec (FLQ)
*Jalen Rose, an American professional basketball player
*John Rose, a rugby union referee and IMC at Nottingham University in the UK
*John Holland Rose, an influential English historian
*Justin Rose, an English professional golfer
*Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and cohost of Diggnation
*Leonard Rose is an American cellists of the 20th century
*M. Richard Rose, former President of the Rochester Institute of Technology
*Murray Rose, a swimmer and medalist in the 1956 and 1960 Olympic games
*Paul Rose (disambiguation), several people with this name
*Pete Rose, an American baseball player who played Major League Baseball from 1963 to 1986
*Reginald Rose, an American film and television writer
*Rose of Lima, the first Catholic saint of the Americas
*Ruby Rose Langenheim, Australian MTV VJ, better known as Ruby Rose
*Sativa Rose, porn actress
*Steven Rose, an English academic and activist
*Stuart Rose, owner of British shopping chain Marks & Spencer
*Tim Rose, singer-songwriter
*Tim Rose, an American football coach
*Captain Thomas Rose, English-born American 19th century architect
*Valentin Rose the Elder (1736–1771)
*Valentin Rose (pharmacologist) (1762–1807)
*Valentin Rose (classicist) (1829–1916)
*William Stewart Rose, British poet and translator

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