List of Back at the Barnyard episodes

List of Back at the Barnyard episodes

This is a list of episodes for the Nickelodeon television series Back at the Barnyard.



Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 September 29, 2007 February 24, 2009
2 26 February 25, 2009 November 12, 2011


After the movie had been released, Nickelodeon announced that Barnyard would become a spin-off series. Before the series aired, four shorts were shown, coming soon will be more shorts.

  • I'm a Loopy Nut Job

Otis and Pip pull a prank on Mrs. Beady while she is watching a yoga show and a cooking show.

  • Cow in the Road

A family is driving and Otis, Pip, Freddy, Peck, and Pig tries to distract them.

  • Sloshy Sloshy

A class goes on a field trip to the farm. Snotty Boy starts to poke Bessy's udder and then, Bessy squirts milk at him.

  • Pig in a Bottle

While Pig is in the mud, he gets a bottle stuck on his butt.


Original Movie: 2006

0. Barnyard: The Original Party Animals August 4, 2006

Season 1: 2007–2009

Prod. No. Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Synopsis
1 "The Good, the Bad and the Snotty" Jed Spingarn T.J. Sullivan & Mike Gasaway September 29, 2007 It's Otis' birthday so he makes a prank call for the farmer to leave the barnyard for a day so they can have a party. But his plan backfires when the farmer hires Snotty Boy to babysit the farm animals.
"Escape from the Barnyard" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway When the farmer is seen with what appears to be a barbecue grill, they become afraid that the farmer plans to eat the animals, so they escape the farm on a hot air balloon.
2 "Cowman and Ratboy" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway October 6, 2007 Otis and Pip pretend to be superheros Cowman and Ratboy, but the other animals are not fond of their antics. But when Otis and Pip rescue the Pizza Guys from falling off a cliff, the animals decide to join them as superheros.
"Cow's Best Friend" Aaron Hilliard & Luke Del Tredici T.J. Sullivan After Otis saves Duke's life by pushing him away from a falling amplifier, Duke begins getting loyal to Otis and becomes devoted to helping Otis doing everything. But soon Otis becomes annoyed when Duke goes overboard.
3 "Chez Pig" Chris Painter Mike Gasaway October 13, 2007 When Pig's truffle pies become a huge hit in the barnyard, the animals decide to use Pig's pies to sell them to the humans to make money. But Pig quits when the animals begin to get greedy with trying to make money.
"The Right Cow" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes A space test monkey named Bingo crash lands in the barnyard. The animals decide to let him stay in the barnyard, but Bingo is unsatisfied with the fact that Otis is the leader. So he tries to get rid of Otis so he can become leader.
4 "Saving Mrs. Beady" Jed Spingarn T.J. Sullivan October 20, 2007 Otis' pranks and Abby's driving lesson has Mrs. Beady sent to a mental institution. Feeling guilty, the animals try to rescue her, much to their dismay.
"The Farmer Takes a Woman" Brandon Sawyer T.J. Sullivan The animals are unable to have Saturday night parties because of the farmer constantly weeping about his lost wife. So Otis finds him the perfect girlfriend. But then they realize that she is trying to get rid of the farm animals.
5 "Hypno-A-Go-Go" Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers Todd Grimes November 24, 2007 Otis gets a hypnosis kit and accidentally hypnotizes himself so that he tries to destroy the farmer whenever he hears the sound of a bell. So the other animals must try to protect the farmer while trying to cure Otis at the same time.
"Fowl Play" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway With Peck nowhere to be seen and Freddy seen lying on Peck's feathers, the animals conclude that Freddy ate Peck and plan to ban Freddy from the barnyard. But Otis is determined to prove that Freddy is innocent.
6 "Barnyard Games" Christopher Painter Todd Grimes January 19, 2008 Otis is aembarrassed when Abby repeatedly beats him in the Barnyard Olympics, so he tries to find Abby's weaknesses and use them to his advantage.
"War of the Pranks" Jessica Gao T.J. Sullivan To get revenge at Bessy's insults, Otis tries to humiliate and embarrass Bessy, but every time the prank backfires. So Bessy gives Otis a real (and humiliating) prank.
7 "Lights! Camera! Moo!" Sam O'Neal & Neal Boushell Mike Gasaway February 2, 2008 After Otis accidentally destroys the barn's safety film, he must make a new one, which he puts a lot of action and suspense in it. When the other actors quit because of the dangerous stunts, Otis and Pip must make it on his own, and accidentally rises the barn into a tornado.
"Animal Farmers" Adam Cohen Todd Grimes Otis is excited because favorite country music star - Stumpity Joe - is coming to town. But when trying to speed up crop collecting for the farmer to leave, he accidentally injures the farmer. Now the animals must do all of the farming, or else the farm would go bankrupt.
8 "Raging Cow" February 16, 2008 A hedgehog named Don Bling convinces Otis to fight in a wrestling match but it turns out that all the matches are fixed, and Otis' opponents all lost on purpose. Now Abby, Pig and Pip must try to stop the hedgehog before Otis fights someone who is really trying.
"The Great Sheep Escape" Joel Bergen & Alex Muniz Todd Grimes When Duke tries crazy methods for the sheep to be safe during bear season, they escape and now Otis and Duke must go on a cross country trip to get them before they escape to New Zealand.
9 "The Big Barnyard Broadcast" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway March 15, 2008 After Mrs. Beady videotapes Otis and the gang walking and talking, she calls a news station to prove she isn't crazy with proof from the tape. But the animals don't like it one bit. Now, they try to interrupt the broadcast to not let any person see their everyday anthropomorphic behavior (and fulfill their dreams of becoming famous television stars).
"Dead Cow Walking" When the veterinarian stops by, she mentions that her van, the "Big Steer" won't last a week. However, Otis mistakenly thinks the veterinarian was referring to him and begins to think that he only has a week to live. To relieve himself, Otis tries to do everything he has ever dreamed of.
10 "Cow's Night Out" March 29, 2008 Upon realizing how boring his friends' bingo club is, Otis ditches them and goes out for a night on the town, pulling pranks with the Jersey Cows. But Otis ends up getting arrested.
"Otis Season" It's Moose Appreciation Week, so Otis disguises himself as a moose so he can get positive attention from humans. But it goes awry, when Snotty Boy and his friends try to hunt him down, and his antlers are stuck to his head.
11 "Big Top Barnyard" Jed Spingarn Todd Grimes April 12, 2008 Otis' favorite circus is coming to town, but he accidentally injures the main lead. Feeling guilty, Otis offers to take over and along with his friends, but Abby is too afraid to do her part because of an incident that happened long ago.
"Pigmalion" Lazar Saric T.J. Sullivan After the gang notices a distinctive birthmark on Pig's backside, Pig starts to believe that he is related to the royal Pampered Pigs. After training Pig, he becomes snobbish to his fellow companions.
12 "A Barn Day's Night" April 26, 2008 The animals become pop stars when Pip broadcasts one of their sessions, but soon their egos begin getting out of control and begins to put a damper on their friendshi[
"Meet the Ferrets" Jed Spingarn T.J. Sullivan Freddy tries to hide his non-carnivore ways from his parents, who are invited to a birthday party at the farm, and Freddy tries to make sure they don't eat anybody, including Peck, while keeping it a secret to his friends.
13 "A Tale of Two Snottys" May 10, 2008 When Snotty Boy returns to torment the animals, Otis falls on him, causing him to have amnesia and become nice. Snotty's aunt Mrs. Beady doesn't recognize him and denies that he is indeed Snotty Boy so Pig must go in disguise as Snotty while the animals find a way to get the old Snotty back.
"Snotty's New Pet" Otis' negligence causes Pip is captured by Snotty Boy, who plans on feeding him to his pet snake (who talks just like him).
14 "Home Sweet Hole" Jed Spingarn Todd Grimes May 24, 2008 Pip's mousehole is destroyed by Otis accidentally. He moves in with the others, but they're all unused to each other's habits. After hearing the others that it's impossible to share a home with Pip, he runs away. Otis and his friends must search for him and return back to the barnyard.
"Otis' Mom" Dan Serafin T.J. Sullivan Otis discovers that he has the same bell as Bessy's long lost child, so Bessy believes that Otis is her child, so she starts treating him like a child and humiliates him and refuses him to good around.
15 "Club Otis" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway June 7, 2008 Abby discovers Otis' secret club but the animals don't want a female member there so they pretend the club is very boring so Abby would leave. But when Abby discovers that Otis is faking, she creates a club herself and now everybody wants to join her club and Otis is left alone.
"The Chronicles of Barnia" Jed Spingarn Todd Grimes When the gang gets caught by Snotty Boy in a game of "Dungeons and Barn Animals", they make Snotty believe he is in the mythical land of Barnia, and now the animals must force him out before he takes over the barn.
16 "Barnyard Idol" Tom Sheppard Todd Grimes July 21, 2008 When it's discovered that Pig has a beautiful singing voice, Otis and the gang enter Pig in a singing competition to win the farmer a golden tractor. But when Mrs. Beady loses, she is out to prove that Pig is a talking barnyard animal. Meanwhile, Pig's over-practicing causes him to lose his voice.
"The Haunting" Sam O'Neal & Neal Boushell Mike Gasaway July 22, 2008 A bunny's ghostly spirit possesses Pig after Otis builds a fun shack over a pet burial ground, and wants to take over the barnyard reclaim the world.
17 "Brave Udders" Dan Serafin Todd Grimes July 23, 2008 Otis becomes afraid when he receives a letter from his childhood bully saying that he's coming to visit the barnyard.
"Otis' Eleven" Gene Grillo T.J. Sullivan July 24, 2008 Otis loses the saloon to Chubs Malone, head of the gopher underground, in a game of Fizzbin. Now the gophers dominate the barn at night.
18 "Pecky Suave" Tom Sheppard Todd Grimes July 25, 2008 Peck takes a fake potion to get enough courage to speak to his crush, Hanna, but he ends up being so confident that he challenges Root, a rooster much bigger than him, to a duel.
"Otis vs. Bigfoot" Gene Grillo T.J. Sullivan September 22, 2008 Bigfoot is sighted in the woods, and Otis decides to go hunting for him, but Abby finds him and brings him to the barnyard for his protection. But, Mrs. Beady is out to capture Bigfoot and prove she is not crazy.
19 "Top Cow" Gene Grillo Mike Gasaway September 23, 2008 Otis becomes the county's new crop dusting ace. But an accident causes him to quit, just in time when a large swarm of locusts is about to destroy the crops.
"School of Otis" Tom Sheppard Mike Gasaway September 24, 2008 Otis must take over teaching after accidentally injuring Peck, the children's teacher. When he realizes that the kids learn boring things, he teaches the kids how to pull pranks. But the kids develop an ultimate prank which sends the barnyard silo to mid air, just when all the animals are in there to hide from Duke, who appointed himself as new leader.
20 "Otis for Mayor" Tom Sheppard Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone September 25, 2008 When Mrs. Beady tries to run for mayor, Otis decides to run for mayor against her to avoid Mrs. Beady from exposing them as talking animals. But, their competition gets way too out of hand.
"Dummy and Dummier" Dan Serafin Todd Grimes September 26, 2008 When Freddy gets depressed over his lack of talent, Otis and the gang decide to make him take up ventriloquism. But the dummy that they make (Mr. Jinx) comes alive and tries to kill them.
21 "Some Like it Snotty" Steve Oedekerk & Tom Sheppard T.J. Sullivan October 24, 2008 Otis and his friends dress up as girls because the bowling alley is open but only girls get to go free. But their plan backfires when Snotty Boy and his friends try to take them out on a date. They are forced to say yes when they realize that Abby and Bessy has put glue on their women's clothes and they can't take them off. After one night, the other animals couldn't take it anymore, but Otis still continues to go out as a girl so he can get free things from Snotty Boy. Everything goes well until Otis realizes that Snotty Boy has engaged to him.
22-23 "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger" Gene Grillo & Jed Spingarn Mike Gasaway November 28, 2008 When Cowman is assigned the task of guarding the Jurassic Corn Kernel at the county fair, Professor Mertin Fargleman (Tom Kenny) wants to steal it to win the Gardening Award posing as Professor Twineyvines. When the town is impressed with Twineyvines and unimpressed with Cowman trying to save the Kernel from him, Twineyvines becomes the new protector. Immediately, Cowman takes the kernel to protect it and is branded a thief and then chased by a mob. He then decides to stop Twineyvines when Cowgirl finds Cowman and Ratboy headed for Peru and says that Green Rooster, Mr. Hamtastic and Paranoid Man have been kidnapped by Mrs. Beady, who they do not know is in line with Twineyvines. Now, Cowman, Ratboy, Cowgirl, Mr. Hamtastic, Paranoid Man and Green Rooster must unite to defeat Fargleman, clear Cowman's name, and save the Jurassic Corn Kernel (mutated into a giant monster) from destroying the fair (even though the fair was already destroyed).
24 "Pig Amok" Gene Grillo T.J. Sullivan January 20, 2009 Pig returns to his birthplace to be married, but after Otis realizes that Pig's bride is cruel and bratty, he tries to stop the wedding by beating Pig in a contest.
"The Sun Cow" Jessica Gao Todd Grimes January 21, 2009 Otis' new Kobe cow neighbors begin to think that he's the reincarnation of the legendary "Sun Cow" when they discover Otis has a fifth udder (which was actually a bee sting). Otis is glad he has that status until he realizes that the cow neighbours actually serve "Sun Cows" at a steak restaurant and they're planning to do the same to Otis.
25 "Doggelganger" Dan Serafin Todd Grimes January 22, 2009 While Duke is at the vet, a mischievous mutt named Baxter sneaks out and goes to the barnyard while disguised to look like Duke. Later when the two dogs are together the animals can't tell them apart, despite them looking obviously different to the audience.
"Save the Clams" Ned Goldreyer Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone January 23, 2009 Otis takes in a clam that Abby rescued from a nearby café. However, the clam is a rude and demanding house guest and, to make matters worse, it reproduces many party going clams. And they don't want to leave.
26 "Adventures in Snotty Sitting" Gene Grillo Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone February 24, 2009 After Otis breaks the farmer's classic video game system, the animals need to make some quick cash to replace it. Seeing an ad to babysit, they dress up as British nannies and show up at the address on the ad. Only when Mrs. Beady answers the door they realize they're babysitting Snotty Boy. The animals have to get the little terror fed, bathed and into bed before the Beadys get home.
"Cowdyshack" Tom Sheppard Todd Grimes February 23, 2009 Otis uses Crazy Louie – a loopy groundskeeper at a high-end golf course and apparently his friend – to let him and the animals through the back gate and play a round. But when Pig throws a club and accidentally hits Louie in the appendix, a guilt-ridden Otis decides to win the big golf tournament to get a new appendix.

Season 2: 2009–2011

Prod. No. Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Synopsis
27 "Wild Mike's Dance Party" Jed Spingarn T.J. Sullivan February 25, 2009 Otis is bored of Abby's book club so he releases Wild Mike from a cage so they can h ave a dance party. But Wild Mike accidentally escapes the barn and is captured by humans.
"Buyers Beware" Dan Serafin Mike Gasaway & Tom Grevera February 26, 2009 When the farmer puts a sign that says "Welcome Buyers", the animals fear that he is selling the barn to other people, so whenever someone comes to the barn, they use tactics to scare them away. But then they realize the Farmer's surname is Buyer and he is having a family reunion but they scared his family away.
28 "Anchor Cow" Tom Sheppard Spike Brandt & Tony Cervone February 27, 2009 When news anchor Hilly Burford is crushed covering a giant cheese curd that Otis made, the animals fill in for him on the news and turn out to be a huge hit and replace Hilly, but Otis doesn't want them to replace him so they try to convince Hilly to get back to his jon.
"Abby and Veronica" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes May 18, 2009 Abby is excited that her cousin Veronica is coming to the barnyard for a visit, but it turns out Veronica, despite appearing to be nice on the outside, is actually using her beauty to manipulate the animals into doing things to please her.
29 "Bling My Barn" Dan Serafin T.J. Sullivan May 19, 2009 When Otis accidentally blows up the barn, they audition for “Bling My Barn,” a home improvement show that fixes up barns for deserving families.
"Udderado" Jed Spingarn Tom Grevera May 20, 2009 The animals turn the barnyard into a Wild West theme park to raise the Farmer's bail money (who got arrested because of Otis' antics) and decide to hire an actor to play the bandit. But instead of an actor, a real bandit shows up to pillage the town.
30 "Cupig" Dan Serafin Todd Grimes May 21, 2009 Pig writes a love letter to his favorite pastry treat, but Otis finds it and thinks Abby wrote it to him.
"Happy Animal Fun Time" Gene Grillo T.J. Sullivan May 22, 2009 In order to get out of going to a "Brianna Texicanna" concert with Abby so he and his friends can go bowling, Otis lies and says he needs to celebrate “Happy Animal Fun Time Day” in which everybody must stay home to celebrate.
31 "Treasure Hunt" Tom Sheppard Todd Grimes September 12, 2011 A group of Canadian Crows want to steal the corn from the barnyard, but after repeated failed attempts, they decide to give the animals a fake treasure map so they can leave and nobody would be guarding the corn.
32 "Dream Birthday" Tom Sheppard Tom Grevera June 29, 2009 The animals feel bad for the Farmer after seeing that everyone forgot his birthday, so they decide to throw him a party and tell him it’s a dream, but the Farmer gets carried away.
"Lord of the Beavers" Tom Sheppard T.J. Sullivan June 30, 2009 When Otis injures himself, Pip takes over temporarily as barn leader, and when he recovers, realizes that the others think Pip is a much better leader than Otis was. Insulted, Otis decides to leave the barnyard and be a leader where he’s needed – with a den of beavers.
33 "Fumblebums" October 9, 2009 The animals must stand in for injured football players in a game after becoming the mascots for the team.
"Endangered Liaisons" The animals claim the farm as a protected habitat to prevent an interstate from tearing it down and disguise Freddy as a spotted three-toed ferret. But then they realize that this species is real, and a real female spotted ferret is shipped to the barnyard and Freddy falls in love with her. But the animals realize that female spotted ferrets eat male spotted ferrets when they marry, so the gang must get rid of her.
34 "Little Otis" Chris Hardwick & Teresa Trendler T.J. Sullivan July 1, 2009 Otis is too lazy to do chores around the barnyard so he creates a clone of himself to do the work for him. Turns out the clone is a much smaller version of him. And when Mrs. Beady ends up capturing the clone, she is set to take him to a TV show so she can prove that animals can talk.
"Kids in the City" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes July 2, 2009 When responsibility is thrust upon Otis to watch the three kids of the barnyard, Joey the calf, Macy the lamb, and Boyle the chick, Otis loses them upon taking them around the big city.
35 "Snotty and Snottier" Jed Spingarn T.J. Sullivan July 3, 2009 When Snotty Boy's cousin Bernard stays at the Beady house and torments Snotty, he escapes and tries to seek refuge in the barnyard. So the animals must help Snotty to defeat Bernard so he could leave.
"Paging Dr. Filly" Tom Sheppard Todd Grimes November 5, 2011 The animals call Dr. Filly to settle a recent persistent argument between Freddy and Peck, but instead of making things better, Dr. Filly seems to make it worse when other animals begin disliking each other.
36 "Barnyards and Broomsticks" Dan Serafin T.J. Sullivan October 5, 2009 When animals go on a camping trip, Pip tells a scary campfire story about a witch. When they get lost and find an old woman's house with tons of sweets, Otis fears that this woman is indeed the witch from Pip's story.
"The Barn Buddy" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes The animals buy a security system for the barnayrd, but it turns out that the system is doing more harm than good.
37 "Free Schmoozy" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes October 8, 2009 The animals liberate a show whale from a water park, but Otis has a lot more to go when the animals are being eaten by this whale.
"Man's Best Fiend" Tom Sheppard T.J. Sullivan Duke wants a playmate but no other animal wants to play with him, so the animals convince the farmer to get Duke a playmate. But everything turns out bad when the farmer brings Duke's arch-rival Baxter back to the farm, and Baxter causes trouble with the farmer but makes the farmer thinks Duke did everything, getting Duke in trouble.
38 "King Cud" October 7, 2009 Otis is knocked out and wakes believing that he is King Cudenhotep. The only way for him to get back to normal is if someone knocks him in the head again, but Otis has beaver guards that prevent others from getting too close to him.
"Everett's Treasure" The animals find an old safe in the barn that belonged to Everett's former owner Nebraska Schwartz. Everett doesn't remember the lock combination to open the safe, so Otis helps Everett recreate past memories of Everett's adventures with Nebraska Schwartz to help Everett recall the number.
39 "Iron Otis" Dan Serafin Todd Grimes October 6, 2009 Otis disguises himself as a TV chef to save Peck from being cooked after Freddy's recipe for a tofu rooster that is going to be cooked on the show. But the chef insists on using real rooster, and captures Peck.
"Too Good to Be Glue" Tom Sheppard T.J. Sullivan When Pig cooks up what appears to be permanent glue, the animals try to sell the glue to make money. But they soon realize that the glue explodes two hours after it is applied.
40 "Back at the Booyard" Todd Grimes October 25, 2009
41 "Mr. Wiggleplix" November 14, 2009 Pig has been hanging out with his imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix, for weeks and it drives the other animals crazy. Then one day Pig claims that Otis killed Mr. Wiggleplix so Otis has to dress up as Mr. Wiggleplix for Pig to feel better.
"Chain Gang" The animals get arrested when they are mistakened by the police for bandits disguised in animal costumes. Chained together, they try to escape so they can use a computer to find the real thieves.
42 "It's an Udderful Life" December 5, 2009 It's Christmas Eve and Santa Claus comes to visit the barnyard, but after Santa catches Ferret Fever from Freddy, the animals have to go deliver all the presents themselves.
43 "Get Bessy" January 2, 2010 Bessy is constantly rude towards the animals, yet she is rarely seen, so the animals wonder what she does when they don't see her, so they try to spy on her.
"A Beautiful Freddy" After Freddy gets struck by lightning, he becomes a genius and knows everything, so they get him to compete in a trivia show so they can win a million dollars. But then they realize that Freddy's intelligence is only temporary and he becomes stupid again after a prolonged period of time.
44 "Arcade of Doom" January 16, 2010 Otis and the gang go to an arcade so they can get points to buy a gaming console. But Snotty Boy and his friends also want the console so they have to compete to see who can get the most points first.
"Rodeotis" February 6, 2010 The farmer is in love with a woman who's a rodeo host and is interested in bull riders, so Otis pretends to be the farmer's bull so the woman would be impressed. But at the rodeo, Otis meets a much bigger bull who injures Otis so now the farmer has to ride the big (and dangerous) bull.
45 "Mission: Save Bigfoot" September 11, 2010 The animals climb a mountain to reach Bigfoot's home.
"Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday" The animals successfully pranks Mrs. Beady into taking a holiday. Now they no longer have to worry about getting caught by her, but now Otis experiences withdrawal symptoms because he is no longer able to prank her.
46 "RoboPeck" January 16, 2010 After Otis accidentally breaks up Peck's body with a hammer, he rebuilds Peck by adding robot parts to him so he can be a big help around the barnyard. But things go awry when Peck's circuits get overloaded and he goes out of control.
"Puppy Love" February 6, 2010 Duke is excited when his sister Stamps comes to visit, but is shocked when he realizes that Stamps is engaged to his arch-rival, Baxter.
47 "Hickory Dickory Donkey" September 18, 2010 Pip falls in love with a donkey named Prunella, but Bessy repeatedly tries to break the two up, leading to others to believe that Bessy loves Pip.
"Clonedemoneium" The clones Little Otis and Little Abby come back to visit the barnyard, but it becomes a problem because they never sleep so the animals couldn't sleep when they're here. In order to make them stop visiting, they try to create mini-clones of more animals so Little Otis and Littl Abby can have friends. But things go awry when the owner of the Clone-a-torium plans to use those clones to expose the humans so they would know that animals can talk.
48 "Clown and Out" September 19, 2011
"Clan of the Cave Cow"
49 "Four Leaf Otis" Dan Serafin Tom Grevera & Todd Grimes September 26, 2011
"Cop Cow" Tom Sheppard T.J. Sullivan
50 "Plucky and Me" Dan Serafin Tom Grevera October 3, 2011
"Pig of the Mole People" Gene Grillo Tom Grevera & Todd Grimes
51 "Beady and the Beasts" June 19, 2010
"A Catfish Called Eddie"
52 "Aliens!!!" Gene Grillo Todd Grimes & T.J. Sullivan November 12, 2011 In the series finale, While creating a fake alien news story to scare away Mrs. Beady, Otis accidentally attracts actual space aliens bent on conquering Earth! Otis tries to stall them at the barnyard while he tries to find their weakness. This is the series finale.


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