Cartouche (design)

Cartouche (design)

A cartouche (also cartouch) is an oval or oblong design with a slightly convex surface, typically edged with ornamental scrollwork. It is used to hold a painted or low relief design. [cite book
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In Early Modern design, since the early 16th century, is a scrolling frame device, derived originally from Italian _it. "cartoccia". Such cartouches are characteristically stretched, pierced and scrolling ("illustration, left"). Another cartouche figures prominently in the title page of Giorgio Vasari's "Lives," framing a minor vignette with a device of pierced and scrolling papery _it. "cartoccia" (see illustration).

The engraved trade card of the London clockmaker Percy Webster ("illustration, right") shows a vignette of the shop in a scrolling cartouche frame of Rococo design that is composed entirely of scrolling devices.

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