England national under-16 football team

England national under-16 football team

The England national under-16 football team are a team for England qualified players at or under the age of 16. The team is coached by Kenny Swain.

"Most of these players are in their clubs reserve team or youth academy"

COACH: Kenny Swain
CAPTAIN: Jose Baxter

"The Last game was the Sky Sports Victory Shield Final where England won 6-0"

The Following Players are in Kenny Swain's Full Squad:"The Following Players are Freaking UNREAL THEY ARE SO GOOD:"

Current squad

nat fs g player|no=|pos=GK|name=Adam Davies|age=July 12 1992|caps=1|goals=0|club=Everton|clubnat=ENG|other=v USA U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=GK|name=Jack Butland|age=|caps=1|goals=0|club=Birmingham|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Luke Garbutt|age=May 21 1993|caps=1|goals=--|club=Leeds United|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Angus MacDonald|age=October 15 1992|caps=1|goals=--|club=Reading|clubnat=ENG|other=v USA U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Keanu Marsh-Brown|age=August 10 1992|caps=3|goals=--|club=Fulham|clubnat=ENG|other=v USA U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Nathaniel Chalobah|age=birth date and age|1993|12|12|caps=0|goals=0|club=Chelsea|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Louis Laing|age=birth date and age|1992|3|6|caps=0|goals=0|club=Sunderland|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Oliver Nicholas|age=birth date and age|1991|1|21|caps=2|goals=--|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v Japan U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=DF|name=Jamie Reckord|age=birth date and age|1992|3|9|caps=1|goals=--|club=Wolves|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Ryan Tunnicliffe|age=December 30 1992|caps=7|goals=0|club=Man Utd|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Jacob Walcott|age=June 26 1992|caps=2|goals=0|club=Reading|clubnat=ENG|v USA U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Sam Byles|age=January 21 1992|caps=3|goals=0|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Emmanuel Frimpong|age=January 10 1992|caps=6|goals=1|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v Germany U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Joshua McEachran|age=March 1 1993|caps=1|goals=--|club=Chelsea|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Jonjo Shelvey "(Vice-Cpt)"|age=February 27 1992|caps=7|goals=3|club=Charlton|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Chuks Aneke|age=birth date and age|1993|7|3|caps=1|goals=0|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Zeli Ismail|age=birth date and age|1993|12|12|caps=0|goals=0|club=Wolves|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Nathaniel Mendez-Laing|age=birth date and age|1992|4|15|caps=1|goals=--|club=Wolves|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Connor Morris|age=birth date and age|1993|4|23|caps=0|goals=0|club=Charlton|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Bruno Pilates|age=birth date and age|1993|3|30|caps=0|goals=0|club=Middlesbrough|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=MF|name=Josh Rees|age=birth date and age|1993|10|4|caps=0|goals=0|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Jose Baxter "(Cpt)"|age=February 7 1992|caps=4|goals=2|club=Everton|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Liam Head|age=January 26 1992|caps=2|goals=--|club=Plymouth|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Luke Freeman|age=March 22 1992|caps=2|goals=1|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v France U16 "Montaigu"nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Benik Afobe|age=birth date and age|1993|2|12|caps=1|goals=2|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Ross Barkley|age=birth date and age|1993|12|5|caps=1|goals=1|club=Everton|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Jake Fowler|age=birth date and age|1993|9|22|caps=1|goals=1|club=Middlesbrough|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=FW|name=Robert Hall|age=birth date and age|1993|10|20|caps=0|goals=0|club=Arsenal|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."nat fs g player|no=|pos=|name=Tom Thorpe|age=|caps=0|goals=0|club=Man Utd|clubnat=ENG|other=v N Ireland U16 "V.S."

"Please note the last time the player played is in brackets ( )"

Hurst, Oshodi, Tunnicliffe, J. Walcott, Byles, Frimpong, Shelvey, Baxter, Head, Fryers, Freeman, Nicholas & Reckord also play for the England U17's.

* Liam Head also plays for the England U18's


* Jacob Walcott is cousin of Arsenal striker Theo Walcott.

Recent Call-Ups

Blackman, Johnstone, Chalobah, Laing, Robinson, Wisdom, Deen-Conteh, Ismail, Morris, Pilates, Rees, Thorn, Whittle, Afobe, Barkley, Fowler, Hall



Sky Sports Victory Shield: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 "(As Winners)", 2008 "(Runners-Up)"

The Montaigu Tournament: 2007 "(As Winners)"


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