Nasos Vagenas

Nasos Vagenas

Nasos Vagenas, also transliterated Vayenas (Greek: Νάσος Βαγενάς), was born in 1945 in Drama, Greece.

Vagenas studied philology at the University of Athens. He has taught at the universities of Athens (1963-1968), Rome (1970-1972), Essex (1972-1973) and Cambridge (1974-1978), where he wrote his doctorate thesis on the poetry of George Seferis.




  • Πεδίον Αρεως (1974)
  • Βιογραφία (1978)
  • Τα γόντα της Ρωξάνης (1981)
  • Βάρβαρες Ωδές (1992
  • Η πτώση του ιπτάμενου β' (1997)
  • Σκοτεινές μπαλλάντες και άλλα ποιήματα (2001)


  • Η συντεχία (1976)
  • Ο ποιητής και ο χορευτής (1979)
  • Ο λαβύρινθος της σιωπής (1982)
  • Η Εσθήτα της Θεάς (1988)
  • Η ειρωνική γλώσσα (1994)
  • Σημειώσεις από το τέλος του αιώνα (1999)

Translations of his poetry

In English

  • Βiography, translated by Richard Burns. Cambridge: Lobby Press, 1978.
  • Biography and Other Poems, translated by John Stathatos. London: Oxus Press, 1979.

In German

  • Wanderung eines Nicht-Reisenden, translated by Alexandra Rassidakis. Cologne: Romiosini, 1997.

In Italian

  • Vagabondaggi di un non viaggiatore, translated by Caterina Carpinato. Milan: Crocetti, 1997.

In Dutch

  • Biografie en andere gedichten, translated by Marko Fondse and Hero Hokwerda. Amsterdam: Het Griekse Eiland, 1990.
  • Barbaarse Oden, translated by Marko Fondse and Hero Hokwerda. Groningen: Styx Publications, 1997.

In Romanian

  • Rătăcirile unui necălător, translated by Victor Ivanovici. Bucharest: Seara, 1998.
  • Ode Barbare, translated by Valeriu Mardare. Bucharest: Omonia, 2001.

In Serbian

  • Варварске оде. Песме и есеји, translated by Ivan Gadjanski and Ksenija Maricki Gadjanski. Belgrade: Rad, 2001.

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