The Smart Woman Survival Guide (season one)

The Smart Woman Survival Guide (season one)

This is an episode list for the first season of the Canadian television sitcom "The Smart Woman Survival Guide".

Episode 1001 – Which Truth Did I Tell?

* Written by: [ Ramona Barckert]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Sept. 4, 2006

"'Tip: Most people expect the information they dispense to be trusted and treated as fact. If someone seems to expect otherwise, there’s a good chance they’re not to be trusted at all."';Episode Synopsis:Today is Natalie Knowles’ first day of work as a researcher at "Smart Woman". And she’s already lying. When Nat’s best friend and boss, Liz, hires her, it’s because she thinks Nat’ll be a good fit for the position, ready, willing and able - to drive her own car around town to fulfill research requirements. So Nat’s first self-appointed task of the day? Buy the car she already said she had. Meanwhile, Liz stretches the truth about her daughter’s toilet training abilities to keep her in daycare. And when Brooke accepts two dates to the same function, she has to lie to someone.

Expert – n/a

Episode 1002 – How Old is She?

* Written by: [ Ramona Barckert]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Sept. 11, 2006

Tip: To keep your skin looking young and healthy, use a broad spectrum sunscreen. These lotions block both UV-A and UV-B rays. UVB rays are the primary cause of sunburns, and UVA rays are the cause of wrinkles, and signs of aging.

;Episode Synopsis:Lana Pearson despises one day a year more than any other: her dreaded birthday. And this year it’s a big one. When she refuses to let anyone speak of the date, the secrecy leads the women of Smart Woman to have some communication issues. When Liz tries to keep things quiet, Nat misunderstands the hush hush and plans a surprise birthday bash. And Brooke thinks Nat is excluding her on purpose. All the confusion leads to hand-to-hand combat, and not just in the show’s self-defense segment. Expert – Lara Osland, Handywoman

Expert - Emmanuel Manolakakis, Owner of [ Fight Club] . Manolakakis has over 22 years in martial arts experience, including Karate, Olympic freestyle Wrestling, Western Boxing and Systema.

Episode 1003 – Power Play

* Written by: [ Sarah Glinski]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Sept. 18, 2007

Tip: Trying to talk yourself out of a verbal blunder can do more harm than good. Your best option? Apologize and move on.

;Episode Synopsis:When Liz tells Nat she needs to take more on-the-job initiative, Nat volunteers to produce her first segment, ‘Five Meals, One Prep’. Only thing is, Lana can’t cook. Meanwhile, Liz tries to manage a pushy executive from the network. And Brooke deals with a bully of her own, Liz.

Expert - Alan Kearns, Head Coach of CareerJoy– The Career Coaching Company. Kearns is the creator of the Career Identity Program, and the Career Empowerment Process. He has been featured in Venture, the National Post, the Globe and Mail, and is the career expert for Charity

Expert - Chanelle Gallant, Manager of [ Good For Her] , a female-oriented sex shop and sex education centre, and sex columnist for Chatelaine magazine.

Expert – Theresa Albert-Ratchford, Host of the cooking program, "Just One Bite". Albert-Ratchford is the author of "Cook Once a Week and Eat Well Every Day". She teaches private clients at the Danforth Progressive Health Centre and public cooking classes at Loblaws. Albert-Ratchford is also a spokesperson for KitchenAid through their Kitchens For Cooks Institute.

Episode 1004 – Basic Instinct

* Written by: [ Sarah Glinski]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Sept 25, 2007

Tip: Still single? Consider hiring a matchmaker. You hire a real estate agent to find you the right house, why wouldn’t you hire a professional to find you the perfect partner? ;Episode Synopsis:When Nat realizes the guy she asked to her cousin’s wedding is wrong for her, she wants out of the relationship. Only problem is, he’s the guest expert in the Smart Woman segment on ‘Dating in the 21st Century’. Meanwhile, Brooke bets Liz she can go a day without flirting – right after which, Mr. Right walks into the office. And Liz, knee-deep in a segment about nutrition, accidentally insults her husband’s weight.

Expert – Lisa Weinberg, Dietician, nutritionist at the Genesis Professional Group. Weinberg specializes in adult and pediatric nutrition, and writes a nutrition column for the Genesis Health Resources website.

Expert – Lisa Ronis, Host of Manhattan Matchmaker. Ronis owns and operates a matchmaker service in New York City. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Dateline, The Radio Chick, Naked New York, The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and New York Magazine.

Episode 1005 – Don’t Go Changin

* Written by: [ Claire Ross Dunn]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Oct. 2, 2007

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;Episode Synopsis:When a viewer’s letter says Lana doesn’t appear smart enough to be the host of a show called Smart Woman, Lana redefines her appearance (Glasses! They’re what all the intellectuals are wearing!). Never one to do things on her own, Lana manipulates the women into changing too. Nat is to become one with her inner athlete, Liz is to become putty in Reggie’s make-up artist hands, and Brooke has to learn to make do in a world without heels.

Expert – Dr. Dayna M. Freedman, MD.Expert – Laura Montgomery, Stylist

Episode 1006 – Green With Envy

* Written by: [ Adam Nicholls]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Oct. 9, 2007

Tip: Get two people who don’t see eye to eye to find common ground by establishing a shared interest or enemy.

;Episode Synopsis: While the ladies wait in line for their morning coffee fix, they meet a hot barista who both Liz and Brooke set out to woo. Meanwhile, Reggie and Lana compete to see who has the better laundry room, and the men in Natalie’s life compete for her affections. Let the games begin!

Expert – Nicola Wilcox, Maytag appliances expert.

Expert – Muriel Howden, Garnier Healthy Skin Coach, and manager of aesthetic services at Elmwood Spa.

Expert – Janice Fedak, Organizational expert, designer for the Closet Factory. Fedak owns and operates Ivanna Designs. She is a spokeswoman for Benjamin Moore & Co. Fedak is also featured on "The Smart Woman Survival Guide" in season three.

Episode 1007 – Their Cup Runneth Over

* Written by: [ Claire Ross Dunn]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Oct. 16, 2007

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;Episode Synopsis:When Nat’s breasts fail the ‘pencil test,’ she decides it may be time for some new lingerie and comes up with a plan to get Smart Woman to pay for it. Meanwhile, Liz’s husband Steve has hired a busty new secretary. And Brooke takes a segment about breast self-exams into her own hands - literally.

Expert – Jen Klein, Owner of [ Secrets From Your Sister] , a lingerie store in Toronto.

Expert – Dr. Dayna M. Freedman, MD

Episode 1008 – Temptation Killed the Canary

* Written by: [ Joanne O'Sullivan]
* Directed by: [ James Allodi]
* First broadcast date: Oct. 23, 2007

Tip: Quitting smoking? Fifty-four percent of attempts fail when using will power alone. Try making a commitment with friends and family who will support your efforts.

;Episode Synopsis:When Lana tries to quit smoking, all the women in the office face their temptations, too. Nat is enticed to cheat on Wyatt when she and Alistair find themselves in a close space. Liz is tempted to revive her Dizzie Lizzie persona, and Brooke cuts the cheese – from her diet. Meanwhile, as the staff succumb to personal desires, they ignore the needs of a very special guest in the studio – Lana’s brand new pet canary.

Expert – David Farnell, Founder of Wine Sense, and sommelier. Farnell has held the post of Wine Director at the Toronto Star Wine Connection and is the resident sommelier at the Calphalon Culinary Centre.

Expert – Dr. Ted Morris, Associate Veterinarian at the Bloor Animal Hospital.

Episode 1009 – The Best Things in Life are Free – Plus Tax

* Written by: [ Ramona Barckert]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Oct. 30, 2007

Tip: To retire comfortably at sixty, you should save fifteen percent of your annual income.

;Episode Synopsis:When the office lottery pool wins big without her, Lana feels left out and leaves, mid-segment. Meanwhile, Brooke is stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire. And Lana’s boyfriend, Callum, asks Nat’s advice in popping the question, so as not to fall flat on his face.

Expert – Larry Berdugo, President of Berdugo Financial Group Inc. and V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Independent Financial Concepts Group Inc.

Expert – Mark Lash, Owner of Mark Lash Fine Jewellery.

Episode 1010 – Lost in Transition

* Written by: [ Joanne O'Sullivan]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Nov. 6, 2007

Tip: When booking movers, check their references and make sure they answer all of your questions.

;Episode Synopsis:When Lana returns from her relaxation retreat, she is a new-found believer in Inya, a methodology of new age hooey, and no longer has need for a make-up artist. Meanwhile, Brooke discovers her favourite lipstick colour has been discontinued and sets out to get it back in the make-up company’s catalogue. And Nat’s forced to let go of material things when the moving van company she hired steals everything she owns. Out with the old, in with the new.

Expert – Staff Sgt. Chris Fernandes, Staff Sergeant for the Toronto Police Services. Fernandes has been featured in the Toronto Star.

Episode 1011 – We Are Family

* Written by: [ Sarah Glinski]
* Directed by: [ Stephen Hall]
* First broadcast date: Nov. 13, 2007

"'Tip: Most people who divorce answer ‘no’ to at least two of the following four questions:1. Do you share the same expectations?2. Do you share other things in common?3. Can you manage conflict together?4. Do you love each other the way you are now?"'

;Episode Synopsis:With all the talk of Lana’s ‘happily ever after’ hanging in the air, Nat wants somebody to love. Only Nat reaches out and touches the worst guy possible, Wyatt, her ex. Meanwhile Liz and her husband, Steve, attend a tantric sex work shop to learn how to extend their love into a long-term commitment. And Brooke deals with the loss of a loved one.

Expert – Dr. Irvin Wolkoff, Consultant psychiatrist to the Bayview Community Services. Wolkoff is the host of "House Calls" and "Love 911". He has been featured in the Toronto Star, Chatelaine, and on Canada AM.

Expert – Lucy Becker, Tantra workshop instructor at the Tantra Centre of Toronto.

Expert - Marel Finn, Registry and Design Consultant, Bowring.

Episode 1012 – To Fail is Human

* Written by: [ Ramona Barckert]
* Directed by: [ James Allodi]
* First broadcast date: Nov. 20, 2007

Tip: Before contracting musicians to perform at your special event, be sure to hear them play. Include in the contract the date, location, hours, total price, overtime charges, and the number and length of breaks.

;Episode Synopsis:The stress of Lana’s upcoming on-air nuptials reach new heights for the "Smart Woman" team when Lana’s husband-to-be, Callum, announces he wants to wear a kilt in the ceremony – mortifying! When both Nat and Alistair ask Lana for a raise, she tells them whoever can get her man to change his mind gets the cash. Meanwhile Liz auditions bands for the wedding entertainment, only to decide she would be the best choice behind the mic. And Brooke becomes determined to get Lana to sign a pre-nup.

Expert – Cynthia Martyn, Wedding Planner and owner of Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. Martyn has been featured in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Style at Home and Rich Bride Poor Bride. She was named one of Canada’s top ten talents by Elle Canada magazine.

Expert – Krista Knee, Co-founder of [ Flirty Girl Fitness] .

Episode 1013 – Countdown

* Written by: [ Claire Ross Dunn]
* Directed by: [ James Allodi]
* First broadcast date: Nov. 27, 2007

Tip: You can avoid your period on special occasions by taking the Pill straight through two months, without taking the usual week off.

;Episode Synopsis:Lana hands out wedding-themed assignments as ‘Weddingpalooza’ barrels towards its inevitable conclusion. Only, when Nat’s tasked with trailing the groom, she discovers firsthand that Lana’s husband-to-be is a cad. Meanwhile, Brooke meets a hot minister and wants to get biblical. And Liz discovers she might be pregnant, but it’s not an immaculate conception.

Expert – David Clemmer, Stylist and co-founder of Judy Inc, an artist management company. Clemmer is also the wardrobe consultant on "Style by Jury".

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