Hay Guide Chart

Hay Guide Chart

The Hay Guide Charts (properly the Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method) are the central instrument of a proprietary point-factor job evaluation methodology developed by the Hay Group. The Hay Group was founded in 1943 in Philadelphia, PA, by Ned Hay.


In the Guide Charts, the requirements of a job are regarded as universal, and are termed factors, these being sub-divided into "dimensions".

The three universal factors are said to be:

• Know How

• Problem Solving

• Accountability

The dimensions within each factor vary. Typically the dimensions break down as follows:

Know How

• Technical Knowledge

• Management Breadth

• Human Relations Skills

Problem Solving

• Thinking Environment

• Thinking Challenge


• Freedom to Act

• Magnitude

• Impact

The power of the Guide Chart lies in the scoring system and relations of the factors (or the Profile.)


The Hay Guide Chart itself comprises point system, so that after job evaluation in terms of factors, dimensions and gradation, job scores can simply be read from the chart.

The point system uses geometric progression and not linear. This preserves the integrity of the system at all ends of the grading spectrum.


Before points were even utilized, Ned Hay developed the Profile system that detailed the relationship between the various factors. This helped to give an understand of the 'shape' of jobs - an understanding of the nature of work performed and the type of job involved e.g., results oriented versus back office support.

The Hay Guide Chart is the most popular point-factor scheme in use in America.


A criticism levelled against the Hay Guide Chart is that the choice of factors is skewed towards traditional management values:

"The Hay system consistently values male-dominated management functions over non-management functions more likely to be performed by women.” [cite journal |last=Steinburg |first=R. J. |title=Gendered Instructions - Cultural Lag and Gender Bias in the Hay System of Job Evaluation |journal=Work and Occupations |issue=4 | volume=19 |year=1992 |pages=387–423 |doi=10.1177/0730888492019004004 ]

In the EU using a job evaluation scheme can provide a material factor defence for equal pay claims, but care must be taken to ensure that the scheme itself cannot be said to have a gender bias. [cite journal |last=Gilbert|first=K. |title=The role of job evaluation in determining equal value in tribunals - Tool,weapon or cloaking device? |journal=Employee Relations |issue=1 | volume=27 |year=2005 |pages=7–19 |doi=10.1108/01425450510569283 ]


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