Laksamana Do Re Mi

Laksamana Do Re Mi

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director = P. Ramlee
Hashim Hamzah (assistant)
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starring = P. Ramlee
A. R. Tompel
Ibrahim Din
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editing = Johari Ibrahim
distributor = Shaw Bros. Org.
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country = Malaysia
language = Malay
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preceded_by = "Nasib Do Re Me"
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"Laksamana Do Re Mi" ("Admirals Do, Re, and Mi") is a 1972 Malaysian black and white comedy film directed by P. Ramlee. It is the third installment in the "Do Re Mi" series of comedy films, and features the trio of actors P. Ramlee, A. R. Tompel and Ibrahim Din reprising their roles as Do, Re and Mi respectively. The story is loosely based on one of stories in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, and features the trio becoming admirals and using magic to save a faraway kingdom from ruin. This film is notable as being the last film P. Ramlee made before his death in 1973.


The poor trio of best friends Do, Re and Mi live in a simple treehouse in the forest, where they work together collecting, cutting and selling firewood at the local marketplace.

One night they hear a voice calling for help in the forest. Although they are scared that it is a spirit trying to trick them, they follow the voice and discover that it is coming from a bamboo tree. The bamboo tree is wounded, and asks them to pull out the arrow that is stuck in it. They comply, and the bamboo transforms into a young woman, who explains that she is a supernatural spirit. She thanks them and gives them each a magical item. Do receives a magic carpet that can fly, Re receives a telescope that can see anything the viewer asks of it, and Mi receives a harmonica that can give them any wishes they want.

The trio decide to use their items to find their fortune. Re uses the telescope to find that the Sultan of their kingdom is looking for brave men to become his Admirals. The trio attend the competition that is being held to find the bravest and strongest men. Mi uses his harmonica to give the trio super strength, and they win the competition easily. Impressed by them, the Sultan makes them his Admirals.

As part of an assignment, the Admirals are sent to an ally neighbouring kingdom that is under attack by an evil man named Fasola. Do, Re and Mi uses Do's flying carpet to travel there, where they learn that Fasola is apparently invulnerable, and has destroyed the entire kingdom except a few members of the royal court, who have to take refuge underneath a tree. Fasola has also kidnapped the Princess and is holding her prisoner.

Do, Re and Mi attack Pasola and learn that he cannot be killed with conventional weapons. But then they learn that he has a literal Achilles' heel, which they use against him. They free the Princess, whom all three fall in love with. When Do, Re and Mi fight over her, the Princess declares that she will marry all three of them. Do, Re and Mi return home in triumph, only to learn that the Sultan has asked to marry the Princess himself. Do, Re and Mi submit to their ruler, and presumably continue on their adventures together.


* P. Ramlee as Do
* A. R. Tompel as Re
* Ibrahim Din as Mi
* Dayang Sulu as Tuan Puteri Buluh Betung
* Hussein Abu Hassan as Pasola

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