Stripped (song)

Stripped (song)

Infobox Single
Name = Stripped

Artist = Depeche Mode
from Album = Black Celebration
B-side = "But Not Tonight"
Released = February 10, 1986
Format = Vinyl (7" and 12")
CD (1991 box set)
Recorded = Late 1985
Genre = Synthpop
Length = 3:47 (7")
6:40 (12")
Label = Mute
Writer = Martin Gore
Producer = Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones
Last single = "It's Called a Heart"
This single = "Stripped"
Next single = "A Question of Lust"
"Stripped" is Depeche Mode's fifteenth UK single, released on February 10, 1986. It was the first single from the album "Black Celebration", and the band's thirteenth overall and sixth consecutive single to hit the UK Top 20, peaking at #15. "Stripped" is well known for its innovative use of sampling. The underlying beat is a distorted and slowed-down sound of a motorcycle engine running, while the main melody begins with a car's ignition starting, and the end uses sounds of fireworks.

The band's US label Sire Records, however, decided to use the B-side "But Not Tonight" in the soundtrack to the movie "Modern Girls" and included the song on US editions of "Black Celebration". As a result, the single was flipped, and released as "But Not Tonight" in the United States. The single did not chart. Despite being a fan favorite, the band was not happy with this decision, seeing "But Not Tonight" as a useless poppy track recorded in less than a day.

The other two B-Sides are "Breathing in Fumes" and "Black Day". "Breathing in Fumes" is a new song using samples from "Stripped", mixed by the band and Thomas Stiehler. "Black Day" is an acoustic version of "Black Celebration" sung by Martin Gore, and is co-written by him, Alan Wilder, and Daniel Miller (The only Depeche Mode song with Daniel Miller as writer).

The "Highland Mix" of "Stripped" was mixed by Mark Ellis (better known as Flood), who in the future would produce Depeche Mode's "Violator" and "Songs of Faith and Devotion" records. UK Editions of the "Black Celebration" CD include the extended remix of "But Not Tonight" along with "Black Day", and "Breathing in Fumes" as bonus tracks.

The music video for "Stripped" was the last Depeche Mode video to be directed by Peter Care and was filmed outside of Hansa Studios. The music video for "But Not Tonight" was directed by Tamra Davis and is available in multiple versions.

Track listings

Infobox Single
Name = But Not Tonight

Artist = Depeche Mode
B-side = "Stripped"
Released = October 22, 1986
Format = Vinyl
Recorded = Late 1985
Genre = Synthpop
Length = 3:54 (7")
6:17 (12")
Label = Mute
Writer = Martin Gore
Producer = Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones
Last single = "A Question of Time"
This single = "But Not Tonight"
Next single = "Strangelove"

7": Mute / Bong10 (UK)

# "Stripped" – 3:47
# "But Not Tonight" – 4:15

12": Mute / 12Bong10 (UK)

# "Stripped (Highland Mix)" – 6:40
# "But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)" – 5:11
# "Breathing in Fumes" – 6:04
# "Fly on the Windscreen (Quiet Mix)" – 4:23
# "Black Day" – 2:34

CD: Mute / CDBong10 (UK)

# "Stripped" – 3:53
# "But Not Tonight" – 4:17
# "Stripped (Highland Mix)" – 6:42
# "But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)" – 5:14
# "Breathing in Fumes" – 6:06
# "Fly on the Windscreen (Quiet Mix)" – 4:25
# "Black Day" – 2:37

The CD single was released in 1991 as part of the singles box set compilations.

7": Sire / 7-28564 (US)

# "But Not Tonight" [*] – 3:54
# "Stripped " – 3:59

12": Sire / 0-20578 (US)

# "But Not Tonight (Extended Mix)" [*] – 6:17
# "Breathing in Fumes" – 6:04
# "Stripped (Highland Mix)" – 6:41
# "Black Day" – 2:35

[*] The 7" and 12" versions on the US "But Not Tonight" single are different versions than used on the UK singles.

All songs written by Martin L. Gore except "Black Day" which is written by Gore, Alan Wilder, and Daniel Miller

Chart performance

Rammstein cover

Infobox Single
Name = Stripped

Artist = Rammstein
From Album = For the Masses
Released = July 27, 1998
Format = CD
Recorded =
Genre = Industrial metal
Length = 4:25
Label = Motor (Part of UMG)
Producer = Jacob Hellner and Rammstein
Last single = "Du Riechst so Gut '98"
This single = "Stripped"
Next single = "Asche zu Asche"

German industrial metal band Rammstein released a cover of "Stripped" in 1998. This version cuts the line "Let me see you stripped down to the bone" to "Let me see you stripped". (The entire line is restored in the "Heavy Mental Mix" by Charlie Clouser.) The song was originally on the tribute album, "For the Masses" and reached #14 in the German single charts.Fact|date=July 2008

The cover art is a drawing by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein, [] the music video includes nothing but footage from the film Olympia, directed by Leni Riefenstahl, which documented the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, which sparked controversy because they were held while Adolf Hitler was in office.

Live performances

Rammstein first performed "Stripped" live in 1999 during the North American "Sehnsucht" tour. Initially it was played on selected concerts during the "Mutter" tour, but became a regular again in November 2001 as the show's final song. It was played in virtually every concert of the "Reise, Reise" tour again as the final song, except for festivals, when it was played in the middle of the show. While performing the song live their bassist Oliver Riedel will surf the crowd while in an inflatable boat. This routine used to be performed to the song "Seemann" by Flake. When performed live, the song's length varies from 5 to almost 10 minutes, depending on its position in the setlist and if the inflatable boat stunt is used.

Track listing

# "Stripped" – 4:25
# "Stripped (Psilonaut Mix)" – 4:28 (remix by Johan Edlund)
# "Stripped (Heavy Mental Mix)" – 5:12 (remix by Charlie Clouser)
# "Stripped (Tribute to Düsseldorf Mix)" – 5:10 (remix by Clouser)
# "Stripped (FKK Mix)" – 4:35 (remix by Günter Schulz)

Other versions

* In 1997, the German electrogoth band In Strict Confidence recorded a version of the song. Their version, however, is very different and almost ten minutes long.
* Also, in 1997, the Swedish electro/synth-pop band Statemachine released a version of "Stripped" on their album "Legerdemain".
* The German industrial metal band Rammstein included a cover of "Stripped" as an unlisted bonus track on their 1997 album Sehnsucht.
* The Italian progressive death/doom metal band Novembre covered 'Stripped' on the album 1995 album Arte Novecento
* In 2001, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots covered "But Not Tonight" for the soundtrack to "Not Another Teen Movie".
* In 2004, German techno band Scooter covered "Stripped" on their album "Mind the Gap", and later on their 2006 live album "Excess All Areas". In 2007 they produced a download-only orchestral version of the song.
* Also in 2004, Jimmy Somerville covered "But Not Tonight" on his album "Home Again".
* In 2005, Shiny Toy Guns covered "Stripped" on "Goth Electro Tribute To Depeche Mode".
* Swedish rock band Kent used to end many of their concerts during the Isola tour in 1998 by playing a cover of "Stripped", announcing it as "one of our favorite songs, that we sadly didn't write ourselves". This version was also performed on Swedish talk show Sen Kväll Med Luuk.
* California band Drist also has released a cover of this song.
* In 2005, American electro industrial band Brainclaw covered "Stripped" and released it as a digital single.
*British band, Long-View, covered Stripped and released as a single.
* The intro to "But Not Tonight" is heavily sampled (with notes rearranged and set to a 3/4 beat) in the 2002 Dntel song, "Don't Get Your Hopes Up." The song was released on a 7" vinyl, "Styrofoam/Dntel Split."
* In 2006, Darkwave-revival duo She Wants Revenge covered the song live at the Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. [ [ She Wants Revenge IMEEM] ]


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