UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources

UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources

Infobox University
name = College of Forestry and Natural Resources at University of the Philippines, Los Baños
native_name = Kolehiyo ng Paggugubat

motto = Honor and Excellence
established = 1910
dean = Ramon A. Razal
city = Science City of Los Baños
state = Laguna
country = Philippines
website = http://www.uplb.edu.ph/cfnr

The College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR) started as the Department of Forestry under the UP College of Agriculture in 1910. Considered as a Center of Excellence in forestry education in the Philippines, it implements programs that promote sustainable development in the forestry and natural resources sectors through instruction, research, and extension.

Notable alumni include CFNR professors Juan Pulhin, Rex Victor Cruz and Rodel Lasco, who were lead authors/coordinators of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that won the Nobel Prize in 2007.

Academic Units

* Department of Forest Biological Science
* Department of Forest Products and Paper Science
* Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance
* Institute of Renewable and Natural Resources


There are four research units in the College each under the supervision of a director:
* Forestry Development Center
* Institute of Agroforestry
* Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems
* Training Center for Tropical Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability


Aside from its basic laboratory facilities, the college has also put up specialized laboratories for the use of students for their thesis and special problems. It has the Makiling Forest Reserve for its research and as a training laboratory. In addition, it has the Makiling Botanic Gardens that maintains living collections of indigenous plants of Mt. Makiling and endangered and rare species of the country. The CFNR library provides the students with an extensive and updated holdings and acquisitions of books and references.

Almost all the faculty members of CFNR are with MS or Ph.D. degrees and are involved in both research and extension activities. Among the research grants enjoyed by the college are from the UN-FAO, ITTO, JIRCAS, USAID and the European Union.

CFNR has maintained strong and active linkages with both local and international forestry schools and institutions. It is an active member of Asia-Pacific, ASEAN and world forestry institutions.

Degree Programs

The CFNR offers a sub-professional course, two baccalaureate degrees, a diploma course, two master’s programs, and a doctoral degree.
*Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
*Master of Science in Forestry (MSF)
**Forest Biological Sciences
**Forest Resources Management
**Silviculture and Forest Influences
**Social Forestry
**Wood Science and Technology Genetics
*Master of Science in Natural Resources Conservation (MSNRC).
*Master of Forestry
**Forest Biological Sciences
**Forest Resource Management
**Silviculture and Forest Influences
**Social Forestry
**Wood Science and Technology
*Diploma in Agroforestry
*Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF).
*Certificate in Forestry (CIF).


The following dormitories are located inside the campus.
*Forestry Residence Hall
* [http://mareha.awardspace.com Makiling Residence Hall]
*New Forestry Residence Hall


* [http://www.uplb.edu.ph/cfnr UPLB College of Forestry and Natural Resources website]
* [http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2008/apr/14/yehey/top_stories/20080414top2.html RP to suffer greatly from climate change–experts, Manila Times]

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