Tom Travers

Tom Travers

In P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves stories, Tom Travers (Thomas Portarlington Travers) is the husband of Aunt Dahlia and the uncle of Bertie Wooster. Travers, known to Bertie as Uncle Tom, reluctantly funded his wife's rarely-profitable magazine "Milady's Boudoir", which he always called "Madame's Nightshirt". "Milady's Boudoir" was eventually sold onto a newspaper and magazine owner from Liverpool called Lemuel Trotter.

In contrast to the inherited wealth of others in the stories, it is intimated that Uncle Tom made his fortune doing business in the Far East, and as a result is cranky and unlikely to part with his money, much to Aunt Dahlia's chagrin. She describes him howling over for weeks after paying his income taxes. He also suffers from notoriously bad digestion problems that only the cooking of his French chef Anatole can allay.

Uncle Tom's worst enemy is Sir Watkyn Bassett, the prominent, foul, twisted toad of Totleigh Towers and ex-magistrate of Totleigh-in-the-Wold. Sir Watkyn, who fined Bertie Wooster five pounds for stealing a policeman's helmet on Oxford University boat race night, is also a rival collector of silver.

This rivalry is demonstrated in "The Code of the Woosters", when Bertie is sent by his Aunt Dahlia to buy a rare eighteenth century cow creamer (a cow-shaped cream jug) for Tom, before it is acquired by Sir Watkyn Bassett. However, while carrying out Aunt Dahlia's plan of telling the shopkeeper that the cow creamer is of modern Dutch origin, Bertie (attempting to read the hallmark on the base of the creamer in the better light outside) trips over the shopkeeper's cat. He is then challenged by Roderick Spode and Sir Watkyn Bassett, who think that he is attempting to steal it, and is chased by a police officer leaving Sir Watkyn Bassett to buy the cow-creamer.

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