Bubble ring

Bubble ring

A bubble ring is an underwater ring vortex where an air bubble occupies the core of the vortex, forming a ring shape. The ring of air as well as the nearby water spins toroidally as it travels through the water, much like a flexible bracelet might spin when it is rolled off a person's arm. Some scuba divers can create bubble rings by exhaling air, and whales have also been seen to create bubble rings. Dolphins sometimes create bubble rings on purpose, seemingly for amusement.

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* Smoke ring
* Vortex ring
* Vortex ring toys

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* [http://earthtrust.org/delringgallery.html Dolphin bubble rings]
* [http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1041454/dolphin_play_bubble_rings/ Dolphin bubble rings (video)]

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