Engineering process outsourcing

Engineering process outsourcing

Engineering process outsourcing (EPO) for the AEC industry is a vertical domain for the industries of the built environment.

EPO industry is playing crucial role in efficiently supporting dynamic architecture, engineering and construction industries worldwide. EPO has made major contribution to the bottomline of majority of companies specially in developed nations. While at the other end it has opened up huge market for developing nations. EPO for AEC Industry is different from manufacturing and information technology for the simple reason that each project is unique. AEC industry has huge variations and immense complexity and one of the biggest factor of economic indicators. Its influence on economy is tremendous. Its history is as old as human race and its growth has been compounding with technological growth.

AEC stakeholders

Architect,Structural Engineer,Mechanical Engineer,Electrical Engineer,Landscape architects,Interior designer,Environmental Engineer,civil engineering,general contractor,subcontractor,quantity surveyor,Design-build teams,project management,construction management,contract management,Facility management,Building Owners and Managers Association,manufacturers,Cities

What can be outsourced?

CAD,Building Information Modeling,Project Management,Construction management,Structural design,Shop drawing,submittals,document management system,Presentations,Detail engineering,conceptual scheme,Discrepancy report,quantity estimate,reverse engineering,reliability engineering,area charts,code compliance analysis,as built drawings,material specification,construction documentation,accessibility complaince,records management,energy audits,energy modelling,Landscape design,Site services,topography,

Global market place

Being competitive in industry is key to survival. AEC industry has been conservative and unionised specially in developed nations. AEC industry is very organised in developed nations but equally unorganised in developing nations. The development/growth in AEC industry have been historically lower compare to other industry. Enterprise resource planning softwares have not been able to play major role in providing efficiencies very much needed in AEC industry. One of the biggest problems has been losses due to interoperability.In US market alone $15.8 billion is lost due to inefficiencies.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) by NBIMS is expected to provide much needed solution to the problems facing AEC industry. BIM is expected to form DNA of AEC industry. All the activities would be reposited in BIM DNA and every stakeholder will access in realtime the database for quick answers.

This information knowledge base in BIM will evolve globally in all the areas and create efficiencies.The Market gaps will be reduced. Global standards will be established.


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