Battle of Wadi Saluki

Battle of Wadi Saluki

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=2006 Litani offensive
partof=2006 Lebanon War

caption=Israeli soldiers enter Southern Lebanon.
date=August 1113 2006
place=Southern Lebanon
result=Indecisive. Israeli troops fight their way to the hill and withdraw. Strategic stalemate.
commander1=Colonel Moti Kidorcite news |first=Yaakov |last=Katz |title= Wadi Saluki battle - microcosm of war's mistakes |url= |publisher=The Jerusalem Post |date=2006-08-30 |accessdate=2007-12-14 ]
24 Merkava Mark IV tanks
strength2=80+ infantry (Israeli estimate)
Kornet missiles
casualties1=8 infantry killed
4 tankers killed
11 tanks hit
casualties2=80 killed (IDF claim)

The Battle of Wadi Saluki took place during the Litani offensive.


Israeli infantry and 2 squadrons of Merkava IV tanks were sent uphill to attack a Hezbollah position. The Israeli troops had no artillery or helicopter support. Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles on the Israeli tanks. This seemed to put the tanks in a dangerous position for a while, but the tank armor held. 11 tanks were hit by missile fire. Israeli troops managed to fight their way to the top of the hill. After they reached their objective, the Israeli troops withdrew.


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