Bream is a general term for a number of species of freshwater and marine fish, mainly, but not exhaustively, drawn from the genera "Abramis" (e.g. "A. brama", the carp bream); "Acanthopagrus"; "Argyrops"; "Blicca"; "Brama"; "Etelis"; "Lepomis"; "Gymnocranius"; "Lethrinus"; "Nemipterus"; "Rhabdosargus" and "Scolopsis".

Although species from all of these genera are called "bream", the term does not imply a degree of relatedness between these species. Fish termed "bream" tend to be narrow, deep bodied species. The name is a derivation of the Middle English word "breme", of Old French origin.

The term sea bream is sometimes used for porgies (family Sparidae) or pomfrets (family Bramidae).


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