International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches

International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches

International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (IFFEC) is a world-wide federation of 42 national federations of free Evangelical churches. The member federations predominantly originate from Europe as well as North and South America. Altogether the IFFEC has approx. 400,000 members world-wide.Fact|date=August 2007 The two largest member federations are the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Evangelical Free Church of America in the USA. The two largest European federations are in Sweden and Germany.

The theological view of IFFEC can be considered evangelical. IFFEC is non-confessional, though the following points can be regarded as common core:
* Jesus Christ is Son of God and true Saviour.
* One will become a Christian by personally making the decision to entrust to Jesus the rule over personal life.
* The Bible is obligatory yardstick for faith and life.
* The faith in God in Jesus Christ is the only way to find Salvation.

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