Pearly Black

Pearly Black

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Born = February, 1967
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Origin = flagicon|AUS Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Instrument = Vocals, guitar
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Genre = Cabaret
Acoustic prog-rock
Bulgarian folklorica
Occupation = Singer
Years_active = 1989-present
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Associated_acts = Madam Bones Brothel
Tell Heaven
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Pearly Black (born February 1967) is an Australian singer. Her performance style varies widely, performing with several ensembles in different genres and in short-run shows. She is perhaps best known for collaborations with avant-garde composer and musician John Rodgers, including their "sex-and-death-cabaret-rock" band Madam Bones Brothel which developed a cult following in Brisbane and Melbourne.


Pearly began singing in Brisbane in the late 1980s where she met John Rodgers (sometimes known as John Bone) and created Madam Bones Brothel. [ [ Pearly Black, singer ] ]

She moved to Melbourne in the early 1990s (with John and other Brothel members) and worked extensively over the next 10 years in many diverse settings. Apart from performing solo and with Madam Bones Brothel, she was a member of acoustic prog-rock duo Diastima, Robin Casinader's folk-noir ensemble Hood, [ [ robincasinader - about robin ] ] stadium-disco band Butt Funky, and the short-lived latin/cabaret quartet Las Tangolitas.

During her time in Melbourne, Pearly also sang with Petrunka (the Melbourne Women's Bulgarian Choir) and performed as a local cast member for dance troupe Stomp.

In 1996 Pearly had a minor (but prominent) role in the film "Love and Other Catastrophes" as "Woman in Bathroom Making Love". [ [ Pearly Black ] ]

In 2003, Pearly lived in Hobart and studied at the Conservatory of Music and with Maria Lurighi. She was a member of the Southern Gospel Choir.

She returned to Brisbane in 2004 and once again began collaborating with John Rodgers. She has performed with John and other musicians in many and varied circumstances including in the gospel revue Tell Heaven, [ [ - Tell Heaven - Bluegrass / Soul / Folk - ] ] in the transcendental cabaret "The Ultimate Prize - A John Rodgers Retrospective", [ [ Leah Cotterell ] ] and with The God Botherers (the precursor to Tell Heaven).

She was a member of the cast in 2004 for "Women in Voice", Brisbane's annual singing showcase, alongside Chrissy Amphlett and Kate Miller-Heidke. Her performance was described as having a smoldering moodiness. [ [ Women in Voice XIII :: Theatre Review :: ABC Brisbane ] ]

She has twice performed in shows with music composed by John in Mount Isa to audiences of thousands of people [ [,20867,21208324-16947,00.html Acting locally, thinking creatively | The Australian ] ] for the Queensland Music Festival - "Bobcat Dancing" in 2003 and "Bobcat Magic!" in 2005. She performed lead vocals in a 2007 show for the Queensland Music Festival "The Dream Catchers", also written by John Rodgers, held in Innisfail. [ [ The Dream Catchers ] ]

In 2006, Pearly was a member of the cast for "Tom Waits For No Man", a cabaret show featuring the music of Tom Waits, performed at the Brisbane Cabaret Festival. The show returned for the 2007 season of the Festival by popular demand [ [ Tom Waits For No Man - Sat 13 Oct 07 - Brisbane Powerhouse ] ] where it won a Matilda Award (Queensland's annual theatre industry awards) for the Best Musical Production. [ [,23739,23465564-5003423,00.html State's best shine on stage | The Courier-Mail ] ]

She continues to perform regularly in Brisbane and less regularly in Melbourne. She also offers singing tuition in styles ranging "from jazz to heavy metal". [ [ Pearly Black, singer ] ]

Partnership with John Rodgers

John Rodgers is a composer, improviser, violinist, pianist, and guitarist. [ [ Australian Art Orchestra: John Rodgers ] ] At a young age he was heavily involved in classical music with orchestras, touring Europe and Asia, often appearing as a soloist. [ [ Extreme Music » Artists » John Rodgers ] ]

John chose not to follow a promising career in the classical field and Madam Bones Brothel, formed with Pearly, was a sharp rejection of all things represented in the highly-controlled world of classical music. As a composer, John is highly regarded for his creative genius [ [ Australian Art Orchestra: John Rodgers ] ] and a vast amount of this uniquely brilliant music has been written for Pearly to perform. The material in Madam Bones Brothel (composed by John) ranged from funk to rap, jazz to rock, country to flamenco, often in the same set.

Madam Bones Brothel has not performed since 2000 but John and Pearly continue to play music together. John plays with Pearly in the gospel group Tell Heaven and they also play as a duo for special events (sometimes performing Madam Bones Brothel songs). John played in the "Women In Voice" band in 2004 when Pearly was a featured star and one of the songs she performed was "The Ultimate Prize", a song previously recorded by The Brothel. In recent years, John has received several major grants to compose music for large shows and Pearly has often been included in the cast. Pearly sings the lead vocals in John's most recent large-scale musical theatre piece, "The Dream Catchers". [ [ The Dream Catchers ] ]


With Madam Bones Brothel

*"Family Of Abjects" (1994)::7 tracks, album
*"Fleas On The Bitch" (2000)::8 tracks, album

With Diastima

*"Where Were You When I Needed You?" (1999)::8 tracks, limited-release album

With Hood / Robin Casinader

*"Are You Wearing Despair?" (not yet released [ [ robincasinader - about robin ] ] )::9 tracks, album
*"Useful Tunes" (2005)::11 tracks, album

With Tell Heaven

*"Live At The Judy" (2006)::8 tracks, promotional EP

With Las Tangolitas

*"Lush Latin Cabaret" (undated)::7 tracks, promotional EP

Compilation and guest appearances

*"Sweet Young Corn" (1998) by Sweet Young Corn::Track: "Temptation", composed by Tom Waits::Track: "Cancion Mixteca", composed by Ry Cooder
*"Andrew Entsch Tribute Live At The Empress" (1999) ::Track: "Queen Of Hearts", with Hood
*"Deeper Shades" (2004) by Bat::Track: "The Place Of The Stars"
*"Bobcat Magic!" (2005) ::Track: "When They Shine"::Track: "A Weird Kind O' Strange"::Track: "If You Happen To Be There", with Sven Swenson
*"Blood On The Moon" (2006) by The Sweet Revenge::Track: "Desire"::Track: "Poison Tango"

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* [ Pearly Black's website]
* [ Pearly Black @ Internet Movie Database]
* [ Tell Heaven @]


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