Jingle Bell

Jingle Bell

Infobox Single
Name = Jingle Bell

Cover size =
Artist = Miyavi
from Album =
Released = December 18, 2002
Recorded =
Genre = Rock
Length = 9:35
Label = PS Company
Producer =
Chart position =
Last single = "Shindemo Boogie-Woogie"
This single = "Jingle Bell"
Next single = "Jibun Kakumei -2003-"

nihongo|"Jingle Bell"|ジングルベル is a single released by Miyavi on December 18, 2002.

Track listing

# "Jingle Bell" – 4:06
# "Happy End no Uta" – 1:44
# "Ashita, Tenki ni Naare" – 3:45

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