Bell may refer to:

Devices that produce sound

* Altar bell, a bell rung during the Catholic Mass.
* Bell character, a character that produces an audible signal at a terminal.
* Bell effect, a musical technique similar to an arpeggio.
* Bell (instrument), a simple sound-making device.
* Bell unit (bel), measure of the ratio between two quantities.
* Bell (wind), the round, flared opening of a wind instrument opposite the mouthpiece.
* Bell cymbal, a small cymbal. The bell is also the center, rounded part of a cymbal.
* Bell (school), a bell that signals transitions during a school day.
* Bell tree, instrument made of nested bells
* Bermuda carriage bell, used in vehicles as a warning to pedestrians
* Carillon, an instrument which utilizes bells, normally housed in a bell tower, and played from a keyboard
* Chime (bell instrument), similar to a carillon, but with fewer bells
* Church bell, a bell hanging in a church tower
* Electric bell, such as a doorbell or buzzer
* Handbell, a handheld bell, rung singly (such as a school bell) or in tuned sets played by a bell choir
* Jingle bell, a spherical bell that produces a distinct "jingle" sound
* Last call bell, a bell that signals the closing of a bar
* Mark tree, a set of small hanging chimes, sometimes mislabeled as a wind chime
* Orchestra bell, better known as Glockenspiel
* Ship's bells, bells which mark time on a ship
* Slave bell, used to regulate slavery
* Tubular bell, used in tuned sets as in a longcase clock, orchestral chime, organ, or tower


* Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
* Bell Centennial, a 1978 typeface developed for use in phone books
* Bell Gothic, a 1938 typeface developed for use in phone books
* Bell Labs, a research & development laboratory
* Bell Operating Company, one of the local telephone companies owned by AT&T prior to 1984.
* Bell System, North America's telephone system from the 1880s to the 1980s
* Regional Bell Operating Company, sometimes known as "Baby Bells"
** AT& T, Verizon, and Qwest, Bell Telephone Companies, formerly known by names such as New Jersey Bell, Illinois Bell, etc.
** Cincinnati Bell
* Bell Canada, one of the major Canadian telecommunications companies
** Subsidiaries Bell Aliant, Bell Nordiq, Bell Sympatico, Bell Mobility, and Bell TV
* Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company, a former company in Antwerp (Belgium), now part of Alcatel.
* "The Bell Telephone Hour", a television show

The word "bell" also can mean a signal from a engine order telegraph on a ship or submarine.


* Bell, New South Wales
* Bell, Queensland
* Bell Park, Victoria
* Bell railway station, Melbourne, railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
* Bell railway station, New South Wales

* Bell Centre, a stadium in Montreal
* Bell Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

* Bell, Mayen-Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
* Bell, Rhein-Hunsrück, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

;United States
* Bell, California
* Bell, Florida
* Bell Acres, Pennsylvania
* Bell Buckle, Tennessee
* Bell Center, Wisconsin
* Bell City, Missouri
* Bell County, Kentucky
* Bell County, Texas
* Bell Gardens, California
* Bell Hill, Washington
* Bell Township, Pennsylvania

;See also
* Bell High School (disambiguation)
* Bellville (disambiguation)


* Bell Miner, colonial honeyeater endemic to southeastern Australia
* Bell pepper, Cultivar Group of the species "Capsicum annuum"
* Bellbird, several kinds of bird in various regions of the world that are noted for their far-carrying bell-like call
* Diving bell spider, spider which lives entirely under water

* Bell, the umbrella-shaped, non-stinging part of medusas in jellyfish
* Bell, the corolla of a flower
* Bell, the bellow or cry of a rutting stag or hunting dog


* Bell curve, illustrates "normal distribution" in statistics
** Bell curve grading, a use of the bell curve in comparing student achievement and converting percent and percentile grades to letter grades
* Bell number, the number of partitions of a set with n members


* Bell (architecture), the part of the capital of a column between the abacus and neck molding; especially, the nearly bell-shaped naked core assumed to exist within the leafage of a Corinthian capital
* Bell (crater), a crater on Earth's moon
* Bell (fictional currency), a fictional currency in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series of video games
* Bell (Monotype), a 1788 serif typeface
* Bell barrow, a burial mound
* Bell beaker, prehistoric pottery
* Bell bottoms, a style of trousers
* "Bell end", a British slang term for the glans penis
* Bell Helicopter, an American helicopter manufacturer
* Bell housing, part of an automotive transmission
* Bell lineage, a lineage or clan of the Duala people of Cameroon
* Bell pit, a type of coal mine
* Bell Records
* Diving bell, a hollow inverted vessel for diving below water
* "Saved by the Bell", popular American teen sitcom that is known under varying titles
* The Bell, a supposed anti-gravity experiment by Nazi scientists
* The Liberty Bell, American bell of great historic significance
* USS "Bell", either of two ships in the United States Navy
* The Bell, a novel by Iris Murdoch
* The Bell, an aerobatic maneuver

ee also

* Bells
* Bel
* Bell House
* Bell (surname)
* Belle

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* [ Bells on Sunday] - list of various bells

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