Joint (disambiguation)

Joint (disambiguation)

A joint is a connection between two or more elements that allows changing the orientation or position of the elements relative to each other by a certain angle or distance.

Joint may also refer to:

* Joint (anatomy), a location where two bones make contact
* Joint (audio engineering)
* Joint (building), a junction where building elements meet without a static load being applied from one element to another
* Joint (mechanics), where two rigid bodies move in relation to each other
* Joint (geology), a fracture in a rock mass which has no offset
* Joint (cannabis), a cannabis cigarette
* Joint warfare, warfare involving several military branches (services)
* Universal joint
* Woodworking joints, used to join pieces of wood
* "Joint", a TV movie by Yaky Yosha
* A film by Spike Lee
* JOINT, the first opening to the anime Shakugan no Shana II

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*Join (disambiguation)
*Joiner (disambiguation)
*Joinery (disambiguation)

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