Red (disambiguation)

Red (disambiguation)

Red is a color.

Red or RED may also refer to:


*Red Army the name of the Soviet Army until 1947
*RED Digital Cinema, a manufacturer of digital film cameras
*Red (nightclub), in Washington, D.C.
*Random early detection, a queue management algorithm
*Smith Flyer, a small car known as the "red bug"
*Redfern-Eveleigh-Darlington, a redevelopment scheme in Sydney, Australia
*Allura Red AC, commonly called Red #40, a food coloring
*Product Red, an initiative to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
*American Express Red, a credit card associated with the Product Red initiative.
*Camp Red Cloud, a United States army camp
*Virgin America, uses an in-flight environment called Red
*Redruth railway station, Cornwall, England (National Rail station code RED)
*Reverse electrodialysis (RED), used in the blue energy process
*Review of Economic Dynamics, a macroeconomics journal
*Red River, various and towns


*Red scare, fear and suspicion of communism
*Derogatory slang term for a communist, see Pinko
*Red (Norway), a political party founded in 2007


*"Red", an album by King Crimson
*"Red" (Guillemots album), a 2008 album by English band Guillemots
*RED Distribution, a record distributor
*"Red", a hit single by Sammy Hagar featured on his 1977 album "Sammy Hagar"
*"Red" (Black Uhuru album), an album by Black Uhuru
*"Red', an album by Communards (band)
*"Red" (John Stevens album)
*"Red" (compilation), by Kelly Chen
*"Red", a song by Treble Charger from their 1997 album "Maybe It's Me"
*Red (band), rock band
*"The Red", a hit single by Chevelle on the album "Wonder What's Next"
*RED - 1404 AM - University radio station for the University of Essex


*, a 1994 film
*"Red" (2008 film), a thriller film


*"Red" is a lioness and member of the Marsh Pride of lions featured in the long-running BBC series "Big Cat Diary"


*Red Adair, renowned American oil field firefighter
*Red Auerbach (1917-2006), coach, general manager and president of the National Basketball Association's Boston Celtics organization
*Red Buttons (1919-2006), American actor and comedian, born Aaron Chwatt
*Daniel Cohn-Bendit (1945-), also known as "Danny the Red", European politician and leader in the May 1968 riots in France
*Louis "Red" Deutsch (1890–1983), boxer, tavern owner, victim of the Tube Bar prank calls
*Harold (Red) Edward Grange (1903– 1991), American football player
*Kuilix, a Pend d'Oreilles woman whose name meant either "Red Shirt" or "Red One"
*Kenneth (Red Ken) Robert Livingstone, English politician who became Mayor of London on the creation of the post in 2000
*Red Bird (1788–1828), Ho-Chunk war chief
*Red Cloud (1822–1909), Oglala Sioux chief
*Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr. (1924-1950), American Medal of Honor recipient
*Jay Red Eagle, Cherokee flutist
*William "Red" Garland (1923-1984), jazz pianist.
*Red Jacket (c.1750–1830), Seneca chief
*Delphine Red Shirt, Oglala writer
*Kevin Red Star (born 1943), Crow artist
*Red Thunder Cloud (1919–1996), an impostor, alias Cromwell West and Carlos Westez
*Rodd Redwing (1904–1972), Chickasaw actor and quick-draw artist
*Derek Robinson ("Red Robbo"), British trade unionist
*Red Schoendienst (Albert, February 2, 1923- ), Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player and manager.
*Red Skelton (1913–1997), comedian and artist from Vincennes, Indiana
*Red Sovine (1918–1980), country music singer
*Red Symons (1949-), Australian television personality and former musician with the Skyhooks
*Red Warbonnet, Kiowa chief
*William Weatherford (1780-1824), Muscogee leader, also known as Red Eagle
*Floyd Red Crow Westerman (born 1936), Lakota musician, activist and actor
*The Amazing Red, American professional wrestler Jonathan Figueroa

Within fiction

*Red ("Pokémon"), a main character in "Pokémon Adventures" and "Pokémon Red and Blue"
*Red ("Mega Man"), a video game character in the "Mega Man X" series
*Red the Dragon, the main villain in the video game "Spyro: A Hero's Tail"
*Red ("Dark Tower"), a metaphor for universal chaos, evil and destruction in the Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series of novels
*Red ("Doctor Who" audio), a "Doctor Who" audio drama
*Red Forman, a fictional character on "That '70s Show"
*John Redcorn, a fictional character from "King of the Hill"
*Red, a character from the children's show "Fraggle Rock"
*Red XIII, a character in "Final Fantasy VII"
*Bertha (South Park), a girl often referred to as Red
*Red, a mascot character for M&M's candy
*Red, the narrator in Steven King's novella "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" and movie "The Shawshank Redemption"
*"Red Hot Riding Hood", an MGM cartoon directed by Tex Avery and the main character
*Red, a character in the film "Hoodwinked"
*Red (Cars), a fire truck in the Pixar film "Cars"
*Red (comics) a three-issue comic book mini-series

ee also

* Red flag (disambiguation)
* Redding (disambiguation)
* Reds (disambiguation)
* Rouge, the French word for Red

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