List of disasters in Canada

List of disasters in Canada

This is a list of disasters (man-made and natural) in Canada arranged by date. For a list organized by number of fatalities, see List of Canadian disasters by death toll.

*1775 Eruption of the Tseax Cone, British Columbia (one of Canada's worst known geophysical disasters)
*1825 October 7 Miramichi Fire, New Brunswick
*1864 Train Bridge accident, Quebec
*1881 May 24 Queen Victoria river steamer sinking
*1889 September 19 Québec rockslide
*1896 May 26 Point Ellice Bridge Disaster, Victoria, BC
*1903 Frank Slide at Turtle Mountain, Alberta
*1907 August 29 First Quebec Bridge Collapse
*1912 April 15 Sinking of the RMS Titanic off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
*1912 June 30 Regina Cyclone
*1913 November The Great Lakes Storm of 1913
*1914 June 19 Hillcrest mine disaster, Alberta
*1914 May 29 RMS "Empress of Ireland" collision Saint Lawrence River
*1916 February 3 Burning of Parliament Buildings
*1916 July Matheson Fire, Northeastern Ontario
*1916 Princess Sophia Canadian Liner sinks near BC
*1916 Second Quebec Bridge Collapse
*1917 December 6 Halifax Explosion
*1927 January 9 Laurier Palace Theatre Fire Montreal, Quebec
*1929 Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami, Burin Peninsula, 18 November 1929
*1950 1950 Red River Flood
*1954 Hurricane Hazel
*1956 May 15 Villa St. Louis Disaster
*1958 June 17 Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing collapse
*1958 October 23 Springhill Mining Disaster Springhill, Nova Scotia
*1959 June 20 Escuminac Disaster New Brunswick
*1963 November 29 Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831 Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville, Quebec
*1965 January 9 Hope Slide in British Columbia
*1966 October 7 Dorion level crossing accident
*1973 April-May massive flood destroys Fredericton's surrounding area
*1982 February 15 "Ocean Ranger", Grand Banks of Newfoundland
*1983 June 2 Air Canada Flight 797
*1985 June 23 Air India Flight 182
*1985 December 12 Arrow Air Flight 1285 Gander, Newfoundland
*1986 February 8 Hinton Train Disaster
*1987 July 31 Edmonton, Alberta tornado
*1989 Cormier Village hayride disaster
*1992 May 9 Westray Mine Disaster Plymouth, Nova Scotia
*1996 Massive inundations hit Saguenay, Quebec
*1997 April Red River Flood, 1997
*1997 2nd Les Éboulements Bus Accident
*1998 January 5-9, massive ice storm hits Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick
*1998 September 2 Swissair Flight 111 Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia
*2000 May Walkerton Tragedy
*2000 July 14 Pine Lake, Alberta Tornado
*2003 September 29 Hurricane Juan Halifax, Nova Scotia
*2005 August 2 Air France Flight 358, Toronto, Ontario
*2006 September 30 De la Concorde overpass collapse, Laval, Quebec
*2008 January 12 Bathurst van collision, Bathurst, New Brunswick

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* [ "Canadian Disasters: an historical survey" by Robert L. Jones]

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