Gate Crasher

Gate Crasher

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title = Gate Crasher

developer = Nickolas Marentes
distributor = Nickolas Marentes
designer = Nickolas Marentes
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released = 2000
genre = First-Person Shooter
modes = Single player
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platforms = TRS-80 Color Computer III
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requirements = 512K RAM
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"Gate Crasher" is a first-person shooter by Nickolas Marentes for the TRS-80 Color Computer 3, released in 2000. The game represents a major milestone for the Color Computer 3, being the first game of its type for the machine. The game makes use of a 3D algorithm developed by John Kowalski that was used in his "Gloom 3D" demo. It features a full 360 degree 3D environment and 2-channel sound effects. While the gameplay is relatively basic compared to modern games of this genre, all of these things are an impressive technical feat for the computer on which the game runs.

The game takes place in a corporation set in a futuristic scenario and consists of five levels. There is also a single-level demo version available.

It requires a CoCo 3 with 512K of RAM, but can also be played successfully on a number of different computers and operating systems using an emulator such as MESS.

Other uses of the phrase

The name "gate crasher" has been given to an explosive entry device developed in Great Britain.

External links

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