Anjar, India

Anjar, India

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Anjar is a town and a municipality in Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, India. The country is dry and sandy, and entirely depends on well irrigation for its water supply. The town is situated nearly 10 miles from the Gulf of Kutch. The town was established on Vikram Sawant Magsar vad 2, 1602 (Approx. 1545 CE) by Maharao Khengarji.


It suffered severely from an earthquake in 1819, which destroyed a large number of houses, and occasioned the loss of several lives. In 1901 the population was 18,014. The town and district of Anjar were both ceded to the British in 1816, but in 1822 they were again transferred to the Kutch government in consideration of an annual money payment. Subsequently it was discovered that this obligation pressed heavily upon the resources of the native state, and in 1832 the pecuniary equivalent for Anjar, both prospectively and inclusive of the arrears which had accrued to that date, was wholly remitted by the British government. Anjar experienced additional significant quakes 21 July 1956 and 26 January 2001.


Anjar is located at coord|23.13|N|70.02|E| [ [ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Anjar] ] . It has an average elevation of 81 metres (265 feet).

Anjar was a fortified town, before the Earthquake of 26 January 2001 the ruins of the wall could be seen around this town, but after this Earthquake the ruins are near non-existent. Around the town there are three lakes.


Anjar is famous for AJRAKH - BATIK print cloth, and SUDI - CHAKU (Nutcracker - Knives). It is also well known for JESAL-TORAL samadhi.

Anjar is also well know for its cuisine, specifically BHIKHA NI DABELI (Kachchhi Burger). This Dabeli is so revered that its fans stretch out all the way to the state of Maharashtra and beyond even from out of India like Persian Gulf countries.

The town has many temples and mosques, with the largest surviving temple, Bhadreshwar (Famous Jain Temple Made with white marble Damaged fully in earthquake 26th January 2001), located near the town park. Major festivals in Anjar include Raveri (The parade for Krishna on Janamashtmi) and Jakh Dada no mero (A fun fair).


The town has strong trade and social links with neighbouring Adipur, Bhuj, Gandhidham and Kandla. The diversity of trade is similar to that of Bhuj-Kutch. Serving the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industries. Business Life in Anjar has changed drastically after the Earthquake, the development of new roads has forced long running businesses to shut down without any compensation. The GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) has extended the towns borders making it look like a city. The GIDC has attracted many big name businesses to set up in Anjar and throughout Kutch, this is turn has created thousands of new jobs in the area.And also anjar like many other large towns in India has a high growth rate. Many new houses and buildings are being constructed, a construction of a huge water pipe-line network is underway serving the communities of Gujarat as well as Kutch. Construction of major roads into Anjar is underway, with planned roads starting soon. The borders of Anjar are getting closer to those of Adipur, where the land in between them has been granted planning permission effectively making the future Cities of Anjar, Adipur and Gandhidham one Major Indian city.Anjar is also very well known for its khatri wears -clothes, materials, etc. Anjar is Historical city.


The people of Anjar come from many different backgrounds and have lived side by side in peace for centuries. The history of this town is seen through the daily lives of the people in Anjar although time may have brought the people Refrigerators, televisions and other luxury items the foundations remain intact.


The most known Schools in Anjar is "Swami Vivekananda Vidhyalaya" handled by Anjar Municipal Corpo., "Smt. K. G. Manek School" handled by Anjar Education Society, "Sheth D. V. Higth School" handled by Anjar Municipal Corpo. There is also a different school for girls' higher education named 'K. K. M. S. Girls' high school'. There are more than 12 primary schools handled by Municipal Corporation of Anjar. And Shree Sahyog Sarswati Vidyamandir his oner is Mr.Arunbhai Bhendy

Recently (in year 2006) Govt. Started a I.T.I. In Anjar City. and Anjar Education Society started the First Collage of General Streem in Anjar.

And Also advanced Computer center Gangeshwar E- vidhyalayam @ 13Opp. D.V.Highschool

Anjar as Taluka

Following villages belong to this taluka:
Nagalpar, Sinugra, Pantiya, Khedoi,Lovariya, Chandiya, Chandroda, Mindiyana, Shinai, khambhra

ee also

* Nagalpar
* khambhra
* Sinugra
* Pantiya
* Khedoi
* Lovariya
* Chandiya
* Chandroda
* Mindiyana
* Shinai
* Adipur
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* Healthcare in India
* Primary Health Centre
* Modvadar


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