GShG-7.62 machine gun

GShG-7.62 machine gun

Infobox Weapon
name= Shipunov GShG-7.62 minigun

caption= GShG-7.62
origin=flagcountry|Soviet Union
type= Minigun
used_by= Russia, Warsaw Pact
wars= Cold War, Present Day
design_date= 1960s
manufacturer=KBP Instrument Design Bureau
production_date= 1960s-?
weight= 19kg
cartridge= 7.62x54 mm R
action= Gas-operated
rate= 6,000 RPM
The Shipunov GShG-7.62 is a four-barreled rotary machine gun, similar to firearms such as the M134 "Minigun". It has been used only in gun pods and flexible mounts on Kamov Ka-29 prototypes.


The GShG-7.62 is a 4-barrel rotary machine gun and is gas operated. It is also one of the few self powered machine guns of the gatling type.

ee also

*XM214 minigun
*M197 Gatling gun
*Nordenfelt Gun
*Gast Gun
*Chain gun
*Gatling gun, the 1860s firearm that originated the rotating-barrel concept

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