Inferno (DC Comics)

Inferno (DC Comics)


caption=Inferno, by Jeff Moy
real_name=exact name unknown, similar to "Sandy Anderson"
publisher=DC Comics
debut=Legionnaires #21
creators=Tom Peyer
Jeffrey Moy
alliances=Workforce Legion of Super-Heroes Young Justice
aliases=Sandy Anderson
powers=Ability to generate and manipulate fire|

"Inferno was also the name of the "SW6" version of the Legionnaire Sun Boy".

Inferno (alias Sandy Anderson of the planet Earth) is a fictional character, a superheroine in the DC Comics universe. The character is a former ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future, but currently resides in the present day.

Fictional character biography

The name "Sandy Anderson" comes from when several Legionnaires, including Inferno, were placed in an illusionary world representing rural 50s America where, among other things, all their names were Anglicised to names which might have existed then (for instance, Querl Dox became "Earl Docks"). While Sandy Anderson is, for that reason, likely to be similar to her real name, it is unlikely to be her true name.

As depicted in the post-Zero Hour reimagining of the LSH storyline, Inferno is depicted as a rather bloodthirsty character who initially works for a group called the Workforce. She works alongside Live Wire after he resigns from the Legion. As a member of the Workforce, she is shown killing opponents by immolating them, much to the chagrin of Legion members.

She was part of the Legion group who were sent to the 20th century by the Emerald Eye. She assists with battling the Sun-Eater, as detailed in "The Final Night" #1-4. Later, not feeling any affiliation to the Legion, elected to remain there when the others returned to the 30th century.

There she spent some time affiliated with a strange shopping mall and several homeless teenagers. During this time she had to deal with the problem of unwittingly moving locations while asleep. She was later recurited to be part of the invading force sent to Zandia to avenge the murder of the parents of Empress. The force was made up of many other young superheros, including Damage, the Wonder Twins and Young Justice.

Inferno has not appeared in the original Legion continuity, although she may have been based on a character named Beauty Blaze who was created for the Legion of Super-Villains, but ultimately unused.

In Mark Waid's rebooted Legion, Inferno is a member of a group called the Wanderers, a "black ops" group of adult heroes who oppose the Legion because they won't take orders. The rebooted Inferno comes from Mercury, and has light-green skin.


Inferno can generate and manipulate fire to burn or to fly.

She is afraid of the dark.

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"Inferno" #1-4 (DC Comics, October 1997 - February 1998)

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