Biometrics (journal)

Biometrics (journal)

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Biometrics is a journal that publishes articles on the application of statistics and mathematics to the biological sciences. [ JSTOR entry on biometrics] ] It is published by the International Biometric Society. [ Biometrics homepage] ] Originally published in 1945 [ [ Biometrics Bulletin JSTOR Coverage] ] under the title 'Biometric Bulletin' the journal adopted the shorter title in 1947 [ Biometrics, Vol. 3, No. 1, Mar., 1947 Page 53] ] . A notable contributor to the journal was R.A. Fisher for whom a memorial edition was published in 1964 [ Biometrics, Vol. 20, No. 2, In Memoriam: Ronald Aylmer Fisher, 1890-1962, Jun., 1964] ] . In a recent survey of statistics researchers' opinions, it was ranked fifth overall among 40 different statistics journals, and it was second only to the Journal of the American Statistical Association in the ranking provided by biometrics specialists. [citation|first1=Vasilis|last1=Theoharakis|first2=Mary|last2=Skordia|journal=The American Statistician|volume=57|year=2003|title=How do statisticians perceive statistics journals?|url=]


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* [ Biometry by R.A. Fisher]

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