Lorenzo de' Medici (disambiguation)

Lorenzo de' Medici (disambiguation)

Lorenzo de' Medici may refer to one of the following members of the House of Medici:

*Lorenzo il Vecchio (1395-1440)
*Lorenzo il Magnifico (1449-1492)
*Lorenzo il Popolano (1463-1503)
*Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino (1492-1519)
*Lorenzino de' Medici (also known as "Lorenzaccio", 1514-1548)
*Lorenzo de' Medici, seventh child of Grand Duke Ferdinand I of Tuscany.


*"Lorenzaccio" (1834) is a theatre play by Alfred de Musset
*"Lorenzino de' Medici "(1935) is a movie directed by Guido Brignone
*"Lorenzaccio" (1954) is the title of a movie by Raffaello Pacini
*"Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici" is a university in Italy, with its main campus in Florence, and smaller campuses in Rome and Tuscania.

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