Burns (surname)

Burns (surname)

Burns is a surname of several different origins: English, Scottish and Irish. The name can also be an Americanization of a Jewish surname.

Origin of the name

#Scottish and northern English origin. The name is a topographical name for someone who lived near a stream. The name Burns is derived from the Middle English "burn". [http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Burns-family-history.ashx Burns Name Meaning and History] Retrieved on 2008-02-17]
#Scottish origin. The name is a variant of the surname "Burnhouse".
#Irish. The name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic "Ó Broin". (Byrne).
#Jewish. The name is an Americanization and shortform of the surname "Bernstein".

People with the surname Burns

Politics and law

*Conrad Burns, American politician, Republican U. S. Senator from Montana
*E.L.M. Burns, Canadian Army officer and diplomat
*George Burns (Australian politician), Australian House of Representatives
*James H. Burns, Maj. Gen. U.S. Army, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of War during World War II - Russian Lend-Lease, Korean War, Division of Defense Aid Reports
*John Burns, English trade unionist, anti-racist, socialist and politician
*John A. Burns (1909–1975), Governor of Hawaii
*Lucy Burns, American suffragist and women's rights advocate
*Marilyn Burns (Alberta politician), Canadian politician
*Mary Burns, labor activist and partner of Friedrich Engels
*Michael W. Burns, former American politician
*Max Burns, American politician, Republican U. S. Representative
*R. Nicholas Burns, Ambassador U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
*Simon Burns, British politician
*Timothy Burns, Wisconsin politician
*W. Haydon Burns, 35th governor of Florida
*William J. Burns, director Bureau of Investigation
*William Joseph Burns, Current US Ambassador to the Russian Federation

Drama and television

*Allan Burns, American television writer and producer
*Bob Burns, Producer, Director - PBS
*Brooke Burns, American model and actress, Baywatch, Dog Eat Dog
*Burnie Burns, independent filmmaker, machinimator
*Carol Burns, Australian Actress
*Chris Burns (radio host), radio host in Juneau, Alaska
*David Burns (actor), Actor and Singer
*Ed Burns, American television writer
*Edward Burns, American actor
*Frank W. Burns, a BBC Sport stand-in presenter from the early 1990's
*George Burns, American actor and comedian, Burns and Allen (Gracie)
*Glenn Burns, WSB-TV Atlanta's Chief Meteorologist
*Gordon Burns, Presenter of The Krypton Factor from 1977-1995
*Jack Burns, American comedian
*Jackson Burns, American Actor, Stunt Coordinator
*John Burns (comics), British comic artist known for his work on Modesty Blaise and Judge Dredd
*Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker, "Civil War", "Baseball", "Jazz"
*Marilyn Burns, American actress, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
*Patrick Burns (paranormal investigator), American paranormal investigator, star of television show "Haunting Evidence"
*Steve Burns, American Children's Actor, Musician.

Literature and journalism

*Charles Burns, cartoonist and illustrator
* Dr. David D. Burns, author
*Eric Burns, American media critic and journalist, NBC Nightly News and the Today Show
*Eric Burns, critic, writer, poet, columnist and Role Playing Game developer
*Gordon Burns, British journalist, The Krypton Factor
*James MacGregor Burns, presidential biographer and leadership theorist
*John F. Burns, British foreign correspondent for The New York Times
* Joseph Bueno Burns Sports Writer/Dayton Daily News/Journal Herald deceased 1973 Born in Blackpool England, Son of Mary Kennedy And Thomas Burns. Married to Anna Joan Mackinnon of Teeswater Ontario who died in 2007 in Dayton, Ohio. Father of nine children, Mary, Christine, Joanne, Thomas, Teresa, Barabara, Brian, Joseph and James
*Laura J. Burns, author
*Richard Burns, contemporary English poet (1943)
*Robert Burns, pioneer of the Romantic movement and Scotland's national poet
*Robert Elliott Burns,Georgia chain gang fugitive and author


*John 'Jake' Burns, , Irish singer, guitarist and musician, Stiff Little Fingers
*Pete Burns, singer and songwriter, the new wave band Dead Or Alive
*The Burns Sisters, Annie, Marie and Jeannie Burns, American folk music group
*Chris Burns,founder of the 'Back Door' music scene in Scotland, led to formation of 'Bolt Production's'
*Megan Burns, a musician and former award-winning actress. Also known as "Betty Curse".
*Christian Burns, British musician


*Art Burns, American discus thrower
*Brent Burns, Defenseman, National Hockey League, Minnesota Wild
*Britt Burns, American baseball pitcher
*George Burns (first baseman), American League MLB baseball player
*George Burns (outfielder), National League MLB baseball player
*Jerry Burns, US football coach Minnesota Vikings
*Joe Burns, National Football League
*Marc Burns, Trinidad and Tobago athlete
*Marge Burns, American professional golfer
*Mike Burns, MLS professional and U. S. national team soccer player
*Pat Burns, Former head coach for the NHL New Jersey Devils
*Richard Burns, English rally driver
*Tommy Burns (boxer), Boxer, world heavyweight champion 1906–1908
*Tommy Burns (footballer), soccer player, Celtic F.C., Kilmarnock F.C.
*Kevin Burns (fighter), American Mixed Martial Artist
*DJ Burns (baseball), Italian League (IBL) Baseball Player, PIACENZA


*Anthony Burns, fugitive slave
*Arthur John Burns, New Zealand settler
*Ed "Big Ed" Burns, 19th century American con-man
*George Burns (shipping magnate), Scottish shipping magnate
*James Burns, a Director Emeritus at the Power Corporation of Canada
* Sir James Burns (shipowner), Scottish/Australian Businessman, Shipowner, Philanthropist
*John L. Burns, famed civilian who took up arms during the Battle of Gettysburg
*John M. Burns (sailor), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
*Otway Burns, American privateer - War of 1812
*Patrick Burns, Canadian rancher, meat packer, businessman, Senator, and philanthropist
*William Wallace Burns, American Civil War major general
*Sir Joseph Burn, 1871-1950, Chairman of the Prudential Insurance Company and President of the Institute of Actuaries 1926-1928

Fictional characters

*Frank Burns, from "M*A*S*H", portrayed by Robert Duvall in the motion picture and Larry Linville in the television show
*Charles Montgomery Burns (aka Mr. Burns) is a character from the animated series "The Simpsons".
* Larry Burns, "Burns, Baby Burns", voiced by Rodney Dangerfield, (CM Burns' son).
*Roy Burns, played by Dick Wieand, "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning".
* Nick Burns, played by Jimmy Fallon, character in a recurring Saturday Night Live skit
*C.U. Burn, main character in Irish language television series "C.U. Burn", broadcast on TG4.

People with the first or middle name Burns

*Isaac Burns Murphy, African-American thoroughbred jockey

ee also

*Edward Burns (disambiguation)
*Martin Burns (Homosexual)


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