Pierre Akendengué

Pierre Akendengué

Pierre-Claver Akendengué (born April 25, 1943) is a musician and composer of Gabon. In 1997, he received his country's "Prix d'excellence" at the Africa Music awards in Libreville, honoring his body of work. He also serves as a cultural advisor for the government of Gabon.

Born on the island of Awuta, which is located just off the coast from Port-Gentil, Akendengué went to school in Port-Gentil, then studied psychology at the University of Caen in France during the 1960s. While in France, he met singer Mireille, who encouraged his musical interests.

In 1974, Akendengué recorded his first album, "Nandipo", consisted of songs of his own composition, sung in French and Nkomi, accompanied by guitar. He later set to music poems by P. E. Mondjegou, such as "Le Chant du Coupeur d'Okoumé" ("The Song of the Okoumé Cutter"). Returning to Gabon, he studied solfeggio and plainchant at a Catholic college, and presented spectacles showcasing traditional Gabonese forms in a concert setting.

In 1986, he received a doctorate from the University of Paris for his study of religion and education among the Nkomi.


*2005 Gorée (album)
*2004 Ekunda-Sah (album)
*2000 Obakadences (album)
*1996 Carrefour Rio (album)
*1995 Maladadite (album)
*1993 Lambarena (album)
*1990 Silence (album)
*1988 Espoir à Soweto (album)
*1986 Piroguier (album)
*1986 Sarraouinia (album)
*1984 Réveil de l'Afrique (album)
*1983 Mando (album)
*1982 Awana W'Afrika (album)
*1980 Mengo (album)
*1979 Owende (album)
*1978 Eseringuila (album)
*1976 Africa Obota (album)
*1974 Nandipo (album

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